Sunday, June 30, 2013

Communicating with the Autistic Munchkin - American Sign Language Activity - ASL Flash Cards

As you already know, I have been busy, busy, busy creating learning designs for my little guy. I keep being told that early intervention is the key. So, I keep plugging away dreaming up and researching new ways to help him grow and feel more comfortable. After he was diagnosed with Autism we started using some sign language at home. Before school was out for summer he could sign "bus" and "more cheese." 
Through my research I have found that because Munchkin Face is a visual learner and a "mimic" that sometime (more often than not really) he can repeat what hears and sees but may not actually understand it. With us using sign language with him we are not only working with his strengths but also reinforcing and encourage more language development while promoting a real understanding. 
In an effort to continue to build on the sign language he already know and work toward a few of his specific IEP goals I created these AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE activity books. 


 All embroidery is done with a multi-needle embroidery machine and each individual felt play piece is heat sealed for professional, long lasting quality. 


More felt board totes and toys coming soon! Please be sure to check back often!

All quiet book pages, felt board totes and toys in the Learning Line section are designed by a Certified Teacher to enhance your child's educational experiences and foster a lifetime love of learning.


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