Thursday, June 13, 2013

Did you think I hopped out of the pond for good?

Did you think I hopped out of the pond for good? Well, I do not blame you one bit. I have been and continue to struggle with finding the right balance. I am sure you all know what I mean. We have had so much going it lately. 
A few months ago I was reading Sweet Song Bird blog. Evey's was talking about her sweet little "Aspie Boy." As I was reading her story and their journey I kept thinking to myself...Munchkin Face does that...his done that a few times...he does that...oh goodness...hmmmm, I wonder if Munchkin Face is Autistic. 
And thus began our journey. I took him to PAT and had them conduct the dial...he scored a 3! A 3 out of 88! Now that is a heck of a delay! If we are talking in terms of percentiles like with height and weight he scored in the 9th percentile. 
Due to the significant delay he was moved on to the School District SPED evaluation. Again HUGE delays and he qualified for early childhood special education. We made an appt with his pediatrician and got a referral to a developmental specialist. And what I knew, what I had known since I read the Sweet Song Bird  Blog that day was confirmed. My sweet little Munchkin Face was Autistic...
I was prepared...I was ready for the diagnosis. I knew! Had I not read Evey's words that day I would never have suspected Autism. I would have gone on with life thinking that the littlest dude just had a speech delay because he was premature. I would not have known...I would not have been prepared...and he would not be getting the help that is so vital to his development. 
He now gets 720 minutes of Special Education and therapy from the school weekly. Plus 2 in home speech therapy sessions a week (an hour each). 
I have spent last few months researching and developing a new line of toys with Munchkin Face in mind.
Here are some of the latest designs from KBAF...

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