Friday, June 3, 2011

Flip Flop Friday

Here at our house today is the 1st official day of summer. We have already had 2 (last night and again this morning) swim team practices! One of the kids is even going to camp on Sunday! Never a moments rest here! However, now that it is summer and we do not have to wear tennis shoes everyday I have completely banned the use of socks in our house until school starts again! I don't know if any of you hate putting socks together as much as I do but when there are over 5,000 socks to put together each becomes a very boring and mountainous chore. YUCK! Yippee, for no socks for the summer and bring on the sandals and flip flops!
Well, my poor boys got store bought sandals for their tootsies this summer but the Princess, well her feet will be styling everyday! Check out the Flip Flop parade...
Okay so these do not belong to the Princess, they belong
to the Queen B, my mama! She requested RED and BLUE
I assume for KU! She is one sassy diva!

Princess Korker Flippity Flops
Yummy Double Ruffle Cupcake

This was my attempt at a boutique bow! FAIL! I need
more practice! They are not as easy to make as they look
or I am terrible at reading directions! Either way they are
still super cute and she loves them!

Carnival Ribbon (Don't these remind you of balloons
and a carnival? Love them!)

Raggy Dot JUMBO gem and daisy
Check out the Orange one in this pic. Wrapped in bicone
beads! Very time consuming but aren't they cute? Confession
This one does not have a partner yet but it is on my to do list.
The HOW-TO for the beaded flip flops is at if you want to
try it out. If not check out my etsy shop and I can make you a pair!
 (I promise there will be two! HA)

Rickrack Spikey Organza Bow
This little one on the end (right) have been worn over
and over and over and of course now they can not be found.

So there you have it a flip flop parade. There will be more to come. Hooray, for no more socks!