Wednesday, June 22, 2011

America the Beautiful Day 1

Hoppy Wednesday everybody! This is a HUGE week in blogland! There are so many discounts and so many giveaways right now, it is CRAZY! So, thank you so much for taking a minute to hop over and check out what the Frog has been fixing up to share with you all!
You know from May- September decorating is easy-peasy! You can go the summer route and make everything BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL or the patriotic route and show that you are what "United We Stand" is all about. Either way you can't go wrong. This week, I am breaking out and bringing it all with my America the Beautiful. I will be making my world (and maybe yours) more beautiful one creation at a time.
Let's get this party started with BANG! Enjoy these headbands I made this week.

3 Wise-American-men (okay they are flower) on
a crochet headband. White flower has a blue gem center,
Blue has a red center, and (you guessed it) Red is clear.
HAHA! You thought it was going to be white didn't you.
I am a sneaky little thing, huh?!?

T-Shirt Pom Headband (I bought 2 t-shirts on
clearance at Wally-World and made this one and one
below.) Not exactly how I imagined it would turn out
but still pretty cute.

Uncle Sam Glitz & GLAM
I love this one!

Just some detail on the "tail"

Little Miss Firecracker - BANG!

Oh, I think this one turned out so great!
If you are following me on Twitter now you
know what I was talking about the other night.
CRAZ-EEEEE! I love it!

All Her GLORY- my personal fav!

13 stripes

And 50 "Stars"

Go ahead and count I will wait! But while we do let's
see that again!

I will be showing off some more patriotic crafts the rest of this week so stick around!
The DIY Show Off