Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gifts Galore~ Flower Petal Shirt, Tiny Tote, Baseball Cuff Bracelet, and a Last Minute Grad Party

I want my first "crafty" post to be totally fabulous so here it is...
On Monday my good friend celebrated her birthday by running 5 Miles in one of the many races she is doing this year; Her way of giving back to foundations in the area. She is doing 12 races in 12 months. Whew, she is amazing. Any who, back to the crafty part. This lady has everything! So her bday present had to be special, amazing, and unique. Tell me what you think.
Mini Tote w/ Detachable Singed Satin Flower to match this...

Flower Petal Tank Top
Holy WOW this little number is a work of art. Each petal is cut,
burnt around the edges, and sewn onto the tank individually.
A lot of work but totally worth the time not only for my friend but because I LOVE the way it turned out! What do you think?

Next up, for my nephew, who just happens to share a birthday with me I made him an Authentic Philly's Baseball Cuff Bracelet that I designed! He was as happy as a clam!

Yet another labor of love and one very important lesson learned...ONLY USE SUPER GLUE IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS AND NEVER CLOSE TO YOUR FACE (hey, I am new to this). I only used the super glue to go around the edges of the lining and stitching to make sure it was secure and well, again lesson learned! HA
So, isn't that the coolest homemade boy gift ever! I think so too!

Lastly, the graduation party that my husband and I threw together in less than two weeks for our niece! (Why? You ask...that is a whole other story for a whole other blog! But we were happy we could help her celebrate!) Congrats, Lady T! We are so very PROUD of you!!!!
Book Page Wreath w/ over 300 pages! It may even be closer to 400
not entirely sure. These are so fun to make. They do take some time
but they are gorgeous and well worth it. I sprayed this one with glitter
and it gave the wreath an aged look.

The back of the wreath/bow hanger.

Table No. 1 - check out that custom subway art!

Table No. 2

The gift I made her. Isn't this the coolest. I transferred one
of her senior pictures on to a canvas, distressed it with blue ink,
then I attached it to ribbon wrapped "box" canvases. FABulous!

The HUGE bow hanger for the burlap wrapped
"conGRADulations" painting my hubs and I did for her.

These are my absolute favorite!! Burlap ruffled
cone trees with paper punch hydrangea flowers.

Here is a close up of the punch flowers. Each
flower is made up of 3 different punches, centered
onto a straight pen which were individually glued and inserted
into the top of the tree.
Did I mention that I love these trees?

And the cake! Okay, so I did not make the cake but it
looks too delicious not to post. I did not have any. I was being a
good girl on my diet. Ugh, mouth watering! 

Well, that is it! My first crafty post. I hope you think all that craftiness is as fabulous as I do! (TOOT! TOOT! Excuse me while I toot my own horn. *CAUTION* It may happen often on here.)
Keep coming back to see all of the wonderfully royal things the frog makes! I plan on adding tutorials once a week! If you would like a tutorial on one of these crafts let me know and I will see what I can whip up! Goodness this is kind of exciting! 'Till next time!

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