Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day Ideas

Just wanted to let everyone know that we reached 50 likes over on facebook!  We are half way to the FROG's first giveaway!! So, first thing Monday morning, as promised, I will announce the options for the fb giveaway and assign everyone a number. Hopefully, my followers widget/gadget will be fixed on here soon so that we can have a giveaway on the blog too! Are you all getting excited?
So you need some Father's Day ideas? Here are some of the things my kids and I made for my hubba hubba recently. I would tell you what we are making him for FD this year but it is still top secret business (he likes to follow the frog's blog). I will show you all after the day has come and gone and I know that he loves it (which of course he will).
He did tell me yesterday that he was going to buy himself a FD present and he was even nice enough to tell me what it is going to ice maker. Geesh, I wish I could tell you how badly we need one of these now that the kids are out of school for the summer. It totally chaps my hide that we even need to buy one because a little over a year ago we completely remodeled the kitchen with new appliances and everything! We bought the biggest fridge you could buy at the time and wouldn't you know it; it has to have the smallest ice maker in the world! VERY FRUSTRATING when it is so hot and you would like a cold drink! So good for him for buying his own present!
However, we still have grand plans in the works for daddy! Let me just give you a run down on some of the cool gifts we have purchased over the years. Who knows maybe you all will like the idea and get one or make one for your hubs/daddy. Okay cool gifts-
1) on ebay I found a huge panoramic pic of the University of Missouri Campus from 1910 it is awesome
2) at a local craft show earlier this year I bought him an Alphabet Picture that spells out MIZZOU with actual objects from the MU campus - ABC Photography (a little pricey but it was framed)
3) at Micheal's when they were on SUPER sale I bought a display case for his autographed basketball
4) also at Micheal's and also on SUPER sale I bought a display case for his basketball jersey (he played college ball at MU which is pretty hard to swallow for a girl from KU country)
5) a tie - this only qualifies as a cool gift in our house because it means he does not have to go to the mall. He only has to wear a tie once a year!
6) we have also done finger print stationary- and the kids really get creative after they get stared! Possibilities are endless!
7) hmmmm, I am sure there are more cool gifts but I am at a loss
Now, that you all are good and bored here is the craft part and the best thing is that the kids and I did these projects together!

Hand print/Fingerprint Calendar- We actually made 4 of these and I bought a chipboard pkg to add some flair. This is not the best one we did but you get the idea and the important parts are there ~ the crafty part.
January-Footprint Penguins and Thumbprint Babies
February- Hand print Kissing Swans
March- Footprint Tractor
April- Hand print umbrella, fingerprint rain drops, and thumbprint baby chicks
May- Hand print butterfly
June-hand print sail boat
July- Hand print Flag(umm, it is backwards! That is what I
get for trying to work with 5 kids at one time)
August- hand/footprint lobster (the baby did this one
and he was a wiggle and giggle with the pain on his hand)
September-MY FAVORITE hand print fall leaves
October- I really like this one too! Hand print skulls
November- Hand print turkey
December- thumbprint Santa and tiny reindeer
Our Family Trees- this is a little time consuming but I love how they turned out! All I did was buy a canvas for each kid and wrapped them with burlap, cut leaf shapes from a quilt pack, and traced hands on scrap material I had here at the house. Then I modge podged everything together. And each tree has one leaf that is "falling" off- I wrote the name and year on that leaf. I saw a pic of one these on yahoo images and had to do it.

Our family trees are supposed to be hanging in the hall but we are painting again! Some day this house will be finished...I hope!
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