Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Melanie

Hello Mr. Monday, oh how I hate you! You rock my world week, after week, after week, ... Does anyone else HATE Mondays? I always feel unprepared for the craziness Monday always seems to bring me. However, this Monday will be a little easier. I will have a little less work to do, a little less struggle, and little more cooperation! Why? You ask. Well, because over the weekend I got a new assistant. She is so  absolutely wonderful. Her pay was cheap, she does EXACTLY what I say when I say it, and she never talks back, never complains, and NEVER rolls her eyes. Okay fine she doesn't have any eyes to roll but I am confident that if she did she would not roll them at me. Nope, not even once!!! And here she is making her debut...MEET MELANIE! She is FABULOUS! My 3-year-old loves her too and says she is "beaugiful." He was even fascinated with the pictures as I added them to the post. Awww, bliss! Thank you, Mr. Monday, thank you! (But don't let those thank yous go to your head, I still have a BIG bone to pick with you!)
My Dearest Melanie Beaugiful
(Yes, I know I need help and should probably get out more.
But then when would I have time to make this?)

And now for the moment we have all been waiting for the BIG TUTU REVEAL! As I was finishing this up last night the teenage boy comes to me and asks so is this the new design. I relied that yes it was a FROG ORIGINAL design. And he shot me down. "You aren't really going to call it that are mom?"
"HUH?" What is he talking about? My frog is my front man! And then he said this...
"Why do you call it 'An Original KISS from the Frog'?"
Ohhhhhh, I like the way he thinks! How about you all? Okay, on with the show!

So, what do you make with this mess of craft?

I am showing you the process in an attempt
to build suspense. I am sure most of you have already
scrolled down to the bottom to see the finished product though.
Geesh, impatient much?

Half way there!

The finished tutu!

Or is it? I bet by now some of you are beginning to
realize that I may be a little of a perfectionist or I guess it
could be OCD. Either way, keep scrolling!


Add the flowers around the waist and then added
acrylic gems

The TOTALLY over the top headband!

And here it is again!
I think I will call it Hawaiian Princess or something like that!

So was this reveal worth the wait?? Gosh, I hope so because and I hate to do this (okay not really) but you will have to wait until next week for reveal No. 2! I promise it will be worth it! Plus, while I was figuring out all of the giveaway options I took pics for some great tutorials! I am excited.
Don't forget to see where I am linking up today. Come back tomorrow for MAMA MONDAY on Tuesday.
Alright guys, go out there and kick Mr. Monday's rear! Seriously, have a GREAT day!

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