Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet Gilda & FD Gift #3

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Have you all met my best friend Gilda? I love Gilda with everything that I have. She has been there for me whenever I need her for the 12+ years. I must admit she has seen better days and will soon be laid to rest, I am afraid but I wanted you all to meet her at least one time before that happened.

Here she is! Isn't she a beaut? She is laying on her
blankie. She refuses to go any where without it. She
says it is for safety so she does not burn anything but I
think she feels more comfortable with it under her.
Here is Gilda with her babies. I tell you what those little
boogers sure to disappear but I always bring her more
so she does not feel so alone.

LOVE MY SPRAY PAINT! I bought one of those
giant paper mache letters. I am not sure the size
but here it is after I painted that BIG boy!
Beautiful, huh?

I also bought this at Michael's w/ a 50% off coupon
and my loyalty card. If you don't have a loyalty card
you should get one. Unfortunately, then you can look up online
just EXACTLY (down to the penny) how much you have
spent with them. It ain't pretty folks!!!
I traced my letter on the wrong side, cut, and
then Gilda helped me glue on all of that moss.
I would have taken pics for you all but
my hands were SUPER busy and I am sure
Gilda would have been jealous. Don't tell her this
but I do not think she likes the camera AT ALL!
Now I am hanging this puppy in the house, which
you will see later this week (fingers crossed). So, I
sealed it with a clear coat and this...
(That is my evil laugh! Scary, huh?)
I told you, I would never, ever, Ever, EVER
mention another spray paint. Unfortunately, my brand
does not make glitter spray paint. I did request it that  they
start though!
ANY WHO, After I sealed it with the clear, I added glitter
Well, that does not look very good does it.
the clear kind of gave it a frosted look. I DO NOT
LIKE! So, I headed back to the store for more glitter
and now my GINORMOUS 'R' is beautiful!!!

Does this remind anyone else of the movie Legend?
(Anyone remember that movie?? Tom Cruise and a
So, how did I do? I am sure that you can go out and google this and find a TON of tutorial. I saw a pic of one on a website and thought it was soooo cool but I cannot not remember where. Any way, we all know how much I love follow directions. SOOOOO, I just made it up as I went along. Now, go make one! I want to see!

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Just want you to know that I am loving blogging! I have made some pretty cool friends, found some awesome blogs, and fallen in love with sharing my wacky life with you all!
Thank you so much for all the support and wonderful comments!

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