Monday, August 29, 2011

Rust-Oleum Week -Concrete Stain

I have been working on a TON of projects using my favorite paint RUST-Oleum and I just have to share them with you!! I had planned to post them in a week but there are a few more than that! Oops! I cannot help it, I LOVE MY RUST-OLEUM!
Did you know they have product for just about everything. Now not all of it has the Rust-Oleum label but they manufacture a TON of stuff and a lot of it can be used to get your CRAFT on! No seriously!
Okay so check this out. We had our basement finished this year and we used Concrete Stain from Rust-Oleum to finish the floor. I LOVE it! Plus, it keeps it so cool down there in the summer and if your feet get cold all you have to do is throw down a little area rug. In my book; that is what I call a WIN-WIN!
So, here is the before. Yep that is just raw concrete base floor. Obviously, someone (my husband) is digging a HUGE hole to run plumbing for the bathroom. And now...

Gorgeous! Right?!!! I think it kind of looks like one of those really expensive "aged" leather couches.
And SO MUCH CHEAPER than hardwoods or carpet, not to mention the couch!
**Just so you know, I am in NO WAY compensated for blogging about Rust-Oleum (even though I think I should be there new spokes girl). I am only sharing my projects and their products with you because I am a lover of ALL things "R" (Rust-Oleum) related! **