Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Main Bath After but before...

Here are the pics of the main bath after the FIRST PHASE of remodeling. We were on a serious budget, oh who am I kidding we still are! So it was about all we could do at the time. Now that we are stuck living here have decided to make this our home we are taking our time updating and making  it ours. I know I have mentioned this before but I am going to tell you all again.
We were total HGTV junkies when we moved back here and bought this house. We had HIGH hopes of a quick and prosperous flip. Well, that bubble burst pretty quick! So we thought we would take a little extra time and then try to sell it. So, we painted the whole house neutral colors and never decided to pull the trigger. I think all that brown was making me (and the family) depressed! So we are adding some COLOR to our lives and I am so happy we are. Why am I telling you this now?? Oh, well, remember this when I show you the NEWER version of this bathroom!
New Toilet and Tile and Paint and
pictures my brother took and towel rod and
vent and, and, and, and...

Oh so pretty!

New vanity and mirror and faucet

More flower art by my brother OH, and pottery
by my other brother. 
New light fixture. I wish I had taken a pic of the
one before. OMGawd! It was very retro- pendant style. 
Please, do not tell my grandmother that you saw
those pictures...she made me take them down.
Custom built Shower 
With tile...I wanted the tile to go all the way
to the ceiling but my husband thought it should stop
there. What do you think? 
Okay, I know you cannot tell from this picture but
that shower head (which has now been replaced with
a double rain thing shower head, technical I know)
is custom built for my family!
Have I told you all that my hubba-hubba is almost 7ft tall?
Well, he is! And he stood in that tub, put his finger on the wall
and told the plumber, "There, put it there."
Well which do you like better??

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