Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Main Bathroom Before Proceed with CAUTION

**WARNING- you may be totally grossed out by the following pictures. Don't worry though this is still NOT the worst of it!!**
Main Bath Before:
Ummm, not sure how sanitary that TP is
so I do not reccomend using it. Like it matters
I am sure it is LONG gone by now!

The cob webs were free. It was a special the owner was running.
Oh, look there is a little piece of the hallway
carpet in the doorway. Have I told you the carpet
story yet? Oh, well if I have I am doing it again.
So, when we moved in we knew that the flooring needed to be replaced. But it was Chirstmas time and we had a newborn so we waited until after the holidays to have anything done. When we had flooring sales people come to the house to measure and give us estimates, not 1, not 2, but ALL of them advised us AGAINST putting the baby on the floor. They told us that at that point the carpet was so OLD that it was just BREEDING BACTERIA. Ummmm, WHAT?
Could that be anymore DISGUSTING?
You bet it can be! It would seem that there had been flooding on the main floor at some point so there was that mess in the carpet pad and on the sub floor. OH, and apparently the previous owners had a cat. NEED I SAY MORE?
So, we had BACTERIA BREEDING, FLOOD STAINED, URINE COVERED CARPET with a baby just learning to crawl. SA-WEET!
Anyway, back to the bathroom...
Not sure the previous owner ever cleaned. SadlyThankfully, that had to be replaced.
Is this bathroom not just beautiful??
Bath with NO shower. This house only had one when
we moved in and THAT was the WORST space in
the house. Maybe I will show you next week. 
Had a tetnus shot lately?? 
You cannot pay for patina like this! You really
have to work at it!
I love patina as much as the next guy but I think that
is 30-40 years of toothpaste spit that patina-ed!
In the words Earnest P Worrell, EWWWWWWWW!