Monday, August 15, 2011

Mama Monday ~ Back To School Bag Tags

Hello HOT MAMAS! Are you ready for a totally cute way to I.D. your kiddos bags for school? Well here ya go!
Last year my princess had a lunch box that, well a lot of other little girls had too. In an effort to keep the lunches with the correct kiddo her teacher tried to write names on the lunch boxes but she accidental wrote 3 different names on my daughter box and then scratched them. UGH! So this year after I saw this tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts, I thought...problem solved and made these little cuties for my kids.
This one is my daughters. I added some glitter finger nail polish but you cannot really tell from the pic. 
Here are pics of one I made for a friends daughter...just the process of putting it together. 

Her mama sent me a picture of this on her lunch bag but I could not figure out how to get it off my phone. UGH! It was SUPER cute!!
And here is the one I made for my manly little teenager.
I glued this little guy to the back of this... 

What do you think? HOT or NOT? Either way at least no one will confuse the bags this year!!
Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!