Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Ruffle Style

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Just wanted to show you all some more pics of the kids on the first day of school!
This little thing was so excited for school that she got up at 6:00 AM...bus does not come for 3 hours! 
Nice foot rest...looks like she is squeeshing the doggie. POOR T-ru (a.k.a. Truman) 
"No thanks, mom! I am eating!" 
Thrilled to be taking pics for the blog before the bus comes... 
Goal Setting excersize. Did you see it? 
Landing among the STARS! This kid is a star, really! Is is in the TAG program, reads above HS level, scored in the TOP 2% in the nation on his National Tests, PASSED the SAT with flying colors last year as a 7th grader, and is a Member of the DUKE TIP program. Seriously, you cannot ask for a better kid! 

Do MS Students really need all that crap? 
He looks tired and is in serious need of a hair cut! 
But he is still cute! 
Waiting on the bus... 
Enough ALREADY! 
Awww, aren't they so cute!
I think she was about to break the camera! :) 

Lunch box with cusotm bag tag! THANKS, mom and Sugar bee crafts for the idea! Did you see the post last week? 
One thing I can garuntee...She is the only one in this get up! She is so adorable! 
We have a winner...MATCHING Hello Kitty Back Pack! WOOT! WOOT! 
Uh-oh the Bear is awake too! Isn't he precious!?! Transformer and Buzz jammies! 
Awww, he doesn't want her to go! Who will he play with today?
Well that is it! That is it, the first day of school! I will post some more pics of the other outfit she wore for the first week back.