Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Great Pinterest Challenge ~ Hurry Ends 8/19

Photobucket Pinterest ChallengePinterest Challenge
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Tuesday! This is my last day with the kids before I shove them onto the bus to go bacck to school for another year of learning. It is bittersweet for me! I will miss my kids all day while someone else watches over but I will also get my house back in order! LOL! Anywho, so in the essence of time and wanting to spend every last minute with them that I can before they head back to school and I just wanted to share this awesome challenge with you from Honey Bear Lane.
Are you on Pinterest? I am and I really have no clue what I am doing except that I can "pin" pics of totally awesome things and then they are saved for me on my "boards." The best part is that they automatially link back to the website where you found them so you can give credit where credit is due. Something, I for one, strongly believe in but you all alread knew that!! So, here is the thing, if you are already on pinterest and created something because you inspired but someone else all you have to do is email your inspiration pic and your creation to one of the bloggers hosting. There are 4 categories, which is awesome because that means SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!! Plus, after the 19 the real challenge begins and voting opens. So if you get all of your friends to vote for your project then you could WIN A PRIZE PACKAGE!! TOTALLY AWESOME! Plus, it is just for you being you and being inspired by your blogging besties! I think this is a fabulous idea! Click the following link for all the details and check everything out for yourself. If you do enter don't forget to come back and let me know so I can vote for you!!
PhotobucketPinterest ChallengePinterest Challenge