Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reindeer Games - GP from Miss Mindie

After all my ranting and raving from this morning I figured you could use a little happy from the FROG! One of my blogging besties, super awesome and fabulous Miss Mindie from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo  is sharing the how to for these cute and easy Reindeer Ornaments! Thank you so much Miss Mindie!!

Hi, this is Mindie from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo. I am here today with my good friend Jenni, to share with you all a super easy reindeer Christmas tree ornament. I apologize, I didn't have time to take pics of the process, but this little guy is so easy to make, I highly doubt you will need pics. If you do have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

Here is what you will need:
Fuzzy Balls (brown or red)
Googly Eyes
Brown Pipe Cleaner
Ribbon (red, white, or green will do)
Hot glue

Take a small piece of rectangular burlap (note you will be folding it in half, so half of your rectangle will be the face of your reindeer). Using scissors and pipe cleaner make some antlers. Hot glue them to one side of your burlap. Then hot glue your ribbon in the center of those antlers (making a loop for hanging). Add some more dabs of hot glue, now fold your burlap in half, sandwiching your antlers and ribbon, and hiding all the glue. Now hot glue on your plastic eyes and fuzzy nose to the front of the ornament, and you’re done.

Happy holidays everyone, and Jenni I hope you feel better soon!


  1. This little ornament is adorable! Perfect to make with young children!

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts! You can see it here

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, I'd love it if you would submit them :) If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above.


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