Wednesday, December 21, 2011

StyroFoam Rudolph Toot (Tutorial)

Do you love those trees?? I have a toot for that! Coming soon! 
Just in case you cannot tell this project is not finished yet
(poor planning on my part and LONG dry times)
All those little pots with Styrofoam balls on top are my version of
Santa and his eight tiny reindeer, complete with RUDOLPH.
See? And these are SUPER easy so I am going to tell you how to do these too...
You are going to need some clay pots, I bought 9 of the smalled ones I could find at JoAnn and then one of the bigger ones.
12" New England Pottery 10130 Standard Clay Pot
And painted them using Martha Stewart Metallics Specialty finishes from HomeDepot
While those were drying I got out my styrofoam balls
3 inch Styrofoam Balls - 50 pieces
I used 9 2 inch balls and one BIG one that my husband bought me so I have not clue the size for Santa
I coated them all with this...
Then I painted everything to match the respective clay pot with my Martha Stewart Specialty finishes. I did not secure (or glue) the balls to the pots at all. I just placed them in there. I glued a teeny tiny sparkely red pom on as the nose. Then I grabbed my wire tools and some wire.
I cut about a foot of each color. (I would have used brown but the guage was not thick enough I did not think so I used black for the legs and gold for the antlers. Both are 20 gauge.) Then, I cut the gold antler wire into have. The black was cut into fourths.
THE LEGS: You are going to need a very special tool for the legs and making them is very technical.
Grab a pencil and wrap all 4 pieces around them to make coils. TOTALLY TECHNICAL, huh! HA!
Wrap it on...
Slide it off...
Pull it apart a little and shove it in to your ball. (So easy a caveman could do it!)
The antlers are just free form but I bent the wire and then
Pinched it tight. Shove it in the top and we are done again...
I think it is super cute!!!
Thank you so much for enduring my ramblings and letting me spread the Christmas cheer that has found it's way to me this season. I hope you all will hop back over and check out my mantle when it is all finished. Plus, if you are interested I have a linky every Thursday for crafts and a ton of inspiration!


  1. those are so creative! what a fun way to decorate for the holidays!

  2. Jenni, they're adorable, sparkly and so sweet!

    Merry Christmas, my friend!



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