Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School Highlites!

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I just want to share the back to school clothes I made for my princess. This post originally was featured on Brassy Apple but I am not too sure how many of you atually saw it. I spent several hours, days, months, planning these outfits for my princess and I just have to share them with you. I will be posting better pics of the acutal day she wore them tomorrow.
Back to school time is my house is a HUGE deal, as I used to be a teacher. It means putting away our "camping" gear, buying supplies (hopefully for pennies), and the back to school clothes.
BAHAHAHA! This is how we roll! Camping, Beverly Hills Troop style!
I strongly believe that in order to behave and preform at the top of your game you also have to look like you are at the top of your game. I could not get my teenager to agree to let me make him a back to school outfit. Poo, he is getting too old! But my sweet little princess was exited as can be, for me to make her some clothes (I do not sew, I am self taught, and usually things do not turn out the way I plan)!
Since my babies go back to school on a Wednesday, I thought I would just go ahead show you what the Princess will be wearing the first week of school.(I may have gone a little overboard but a.) she is the only girl in a sea of little men and b.) I was so excited about this post and being on Brassy Apple I could not stop myself, c.) I did not want to disappoint Miss Megan's reader's ~ that's you!)
SO HERE WE GO! I not only sewed all of these myself, I also designed them. Here is the weird thing I can hear a song and see the perfect dance moves but I cannot dance to save my life. The same goes for fabric, I see it and then an idea comes to me to, to make that fabric something special. Not sure but maybe the fabric is speaking to me or I need meds. HA!
I am trying to hone my skills, you will have to tell me what you think.
On the first day of 1st Grade my princess, Sydney will be glamming it up in this little number.

Yep, that is a pocket! Actually there are 2. Awesome, right? 
Do the bustle! 
OMGoodness, she is just too much! LOVE MY PRINCESS (even
if she is a little spoiled)!
She, being the little diva she is, could not understand why in the world all of the pretty stuff was in the back! She begged me to make it the front, which I declined. Then, I made this for day 2 and to make Sydney happy. The best part about this outfit, aside from it being black and gold (we are in TIGER country after all), IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FREE!I used old t-shirts for the entire outfit!
Everything needs a little POP of pink! 
OH-NO watch out there is a TIGER on the prowl. 
Oh my, that tiger looks HUNGRY! 

We are ready for game day the first day of school! Are you??
The tutorials to make some of pieces these were found here. I cannot tell you how many lettuce hems there are in these outfits but it felt like a million. I actually started calling the P.F. Chang's Lettuce wraps (because I LOVE them) which helped pass the time. And in all honesty, I told you I cannot sew and I can't. I did all the lettuce hems because a regular hem would have been all jacked up!
AND now for day 3 another upcycled masterpiece that I just threw together.

She loves the glitter shoes! 
She is totally trying to be a model! LOL! 
It looks a little wonky but it must just be the way she was posing.  
She is beautiful! 
Even without any of her teeth! 

So what do you think? Will she be the cutest thing on 2 feet in her school or what? I am one proud mama! She's happy, I am happy, and best of all Daddy is happy so it is a winner in my book! Good luck with going back to school! I would love to see what your kids are wearing their first day back.
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