Monday, October 17, 2011


I am so excited to tell you all this and I have barely been able to contain myself but here it is...
Go check it out and I will wait right here for you!
Okay, did you scroll down and see all the contests for this season of
That is right I am there and I cannot believe it! Guess what else!?!? So is Miss Ginger from over at Gingersnap Crafts (which makes me a little excited because she is SO AWESOME and a little sad because she has become a fabulous blogging buddy.) BUT we are there!! There are some SUPER talented ladies this season and I cannot wait to see all of their creativity in one place and get to know them. I am totally honored to have been chosen and feel a little out of my league.
I know I can count on all of you to hope over and vote each week when the contest starts.
I am so excited! Did you see the weekly challenges?
Week 1: KRYLON (I know right, I am feeling a little guilty like I am cheating on my best friend!)
Week 2: DECORART Products
Week 3: Styrofoam Brand
Week 4: Christmas
I have some wickedly awesome porjects lined up for Week 1 and Week 4. I hope I can figure out something equally as awesome so that I can make it past week 1. EEK!
Here is the thing, I cannot tell you ANYTHING about my craft for the challenge, not even a hint or a sneek peak...NOTHING until after voting ends. So you will just have to pick your fave and I will hope for the best!
SO are you excited too??