Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here's Mr. Smee & Peter Pan and Tink

Remember the Smee costume that I reluctantly made my niece for Halloween?
Welp, here she is...
Okay, so she is an ADORABLE Mr. SMEE!!!
The twins!! MY poor sister! She ordered a costume(tutu) for Tinkerbell and it was not shipped. It was too late for me to do it and mail it. SO, she made it herself!! She did such a fabulous job! And check out the poms of Tink's shoes...she made those too using my WAND toot for help.
SHE DID SUCH and AMAZING job! I am so proud of her. You would be too if you knew how crafty she is. HA! She also made the bodice!
AWWWWW,  my twinkies look so GREAT!