Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama Monday Nature Addition VERY FALL

As most of you know I am from Missouri. And I am not sure about the state/country you live in but here in good ole' MO our state Conservation Department has 2 magazines all about our unique nature (both are free to Missouri households). One of these publications called Xplor is geared toward children.
In this months magazine:
I found this article:
And I thought to myself; "WHAT A CUTE IDEA! HEY, I need to go on a walk."
But before I did I went to the website there to see the other "critters" they had made for inspiration and found this:
Aren't they the cutest little things ever! OKAY, so now I am totally inspired and take my walk. Here is what I came back with:
And of course you are sitter there wondering what in the world is she going to do with that mess of nature. AND I SAY (yes, I am yelling because this is going to knock the leaves off your trees)
I made this little owl! Isn't it beautiful?
And I know you are dying to know how, aren't you. Well, lucky for is the toot!
Go outside and gather your supplies.
Lucky for me the top of one of my pine cones was already smashed so I went a ahead and snipped off the top. Then I added a little hot glue and glued them together stacking one on top of the other.
Now you have to figure out how you want the leaves to go on but I chose to use these two as a base.
Then I glued these leaves on top of my base leaves. Now I have no clue what kind of leaves these are because I swiped them down the street. If I had to guess, I would say Sugar Maple. Who knows if I am right? 
Then I glued on the gum ball eyes.
Added the mini mums, a little felt beak and feet and then I did something CRAZY!
I sprayed it with some red glitter spray paint to try to seal it up a
bit and glam it up a lot.
Isn't it FROGulicious? I love it!!
Do you know how much this Fall project cost me??
and that is just PRICELESS!! 
I also would just like to add that my dear friend Andie Jaye over at Crayon Freckles
 is ALWAYS playing with her little bear and
creating the most awesome projects. 
She has inspired me to do more of that with my kids so I will be posting their creations later.

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