Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Schummer~

**WARING**This may be a little GRAPHIC (not in a good way)
We have had one heck of a summer and really it has not been all that fun. To kick off summer my oldest decided he would cool and try to show his friends that he could do Parkour. Have you ever heard of this? It is like an extreme sport with jumps and flips and using buildings, railings, etc. to do cool tricks. You can see some of this here, here, and here. So let’s keep in mind that my teenager has NO training what-so-ever!! No gymnastics, no climbing, no nothing. ANYWAY, he couldn’t do it. He fell and hit his head. He was transported to Children’s Mercy where they determined he had a concussion, subdual hemorrhage, and had to get his head stapled back together. He had to spend the night because of the bleed. Then had to have follow-up visits and ct to make sure that everything was okay inside his head. UGH, do you have a teenager?? One thing I learned about kids this summer…
THEIR IQs go DOWN significantly in groups. Alone they can be the smartest kid in the world but in a group there is not much flexing of the most important muscle. So that was summer vacation day 3 (or 4). He was not allowed to do swimming or any other activity due to his concussion for a minimum of 2 weeks. It really set the mood.
Then my husband was FINALLY able to schedule his back surgery. We had been waiting about 2 years for it to get scheduled.
At the beginning of July I started RUSHING around trying to get everything done before the surgery. I decided that I would redo 3 room in 2 weeks and have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted misc. junk. Well, for about a week I was on a role!! Garage sale day came and something hit me. I felt terrible and was in a ton of pain. They checked my appendix but said it was normal. They told me to check with my OB. Grrrrr…for I week I dealt with pain and could not take it any longer. OB said that I had more complications from Munchkin Faces birth (did you read about it? You can read all about here) and needed to have surgery again. So Monday my husband had back surgery and Thursday I had to have surgery to try to repair residual damage. Well, they were not able to repair anything and everything that was left came out along with my appendix that was looking like it was on it’s last leg.
This week was the first week my husband went back to work.I got up early before his flight and went to the store for groceries and a new movie; THE LORAX. We were having such a great day!!!!
BUT, I am still recovering from surgery, was home alone with the kids and exhausted. I decided we should all go to bed early Tuesday night. The teenager went in to say goodnight to the little dudes. I hear a thud, followed by the teenager screaming for me. AND found bear gushing blood.  I picked him up and cleaned him off a little and decided we needed to go to the ER.  Off we went. Here is in an ER room waiting to be seen. IMAG0266TWO HOURS and lots of tears and SCREAMING later here he is with 4 stitches giving a a thumbs up so we could text his daddy a pic.  IMAG0267Little known fact that when you are carrying a 4-y-o into the ER and are running you may fall. Luckily, my knee and elbow kept Bear from hitting his head and getting even more hurt. Who knew a skinned knee would swell so much. I have not had a skinned knee since I was like 5.  IMAG0268AND MY SWOLLEN ELBOW. IMAG0269
Seriously, we cannot catch a break this summer! It has been the MOST EXPENSIVE summer on HISTORY and we did not even go on vacation or anything. Plus, now I get to have fun navigating through Menopause. We still have 5 days left of summer break and I am hoping we all survive.
So, what did you do this summer??? LOL!


  1. OMG! This will be one Summer you will never forget! When it rains it pours right? I'm so sorry the the last couple months have been rough. Hopefully once the kids get back into school, life will return to "normal" and things will be better for you. BIG HUGS!!!!
    Crafty Soccer Mom

  2. You are not kidding man. Can we do a Summer Re-do ?? WOW, you have had your hands full over there! Poor little man..and poor knees! Yikes! You are all in my thoughts- heal quick! I love your humor.. last line.. what did you do this summer???
    Hang in there!!

  3. Jenni, I'm so sorry! Glad you all survived & are on the mend. Hope fall treats you much better. :)

  4. oh gracious.... what a busy time.. you're all banged up! hopefully this fall will have better days for you all! how are you feeling?

  5. Poor little guy (he is adorable!)! Poor mommy! Or summer was not quite as rough, but not a good one either (I had a squatter at my house for almost 4 weeks! Not a real squatter, but she was offered 4 days and 4 weeks later I basically kicked her out)...I am really happy to see this summer slide away. Hope everyone is on the mend!!!!!

  6. Oh Jenni, My heart goes out to you! Seems you've had your share of boo boos this summer... praying for you all, especially your sanity!

  7. Girlfriend, what a horrible summer. Keep your head up it will get better...when does school start???


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