Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quote of the Day

We must have had one heck of a storm last night (I would not know because amazingly I slept all night!)! There are leaves and tiny branches all over the yard and street. Anyway, I went outside this morning to drink my coffee and sat in a chair that was still a little wet and in return my shirt and pants  got a little damp. I was in the hallway working (project will be posted later this week) when the three-year-old comes up behind me, pats me on the back (well rump really), and says, "good job!" Then he gets a puzzled look on his face and says this. "Wet? Wet mom, you wet? Shirt? Need a shirt?" Then he rushes past me to HIS room grabs one of HIS shirts, brings it to me, and follows up with this..."Here, shirt. You better mom? You better? Good girl." HAHAHAHA that kid cracks me up!