Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where did the Frog HOP to?

OMGoodness, it has been forever since I have even looked at the blog! I am horrible! Unfortunately, I think it will be a common occurrence. You know we are heading into summer break here (3 weeks LORD help me) and with that comes Craft Show Season. I cannot believe it is back already. I have to get things ready and be on top of my game this year. I am pretty sure that this is the do or die moment. I have been trying to make a go at my own small business for almost a year now and really it would seem that all I have accomplished is writing about it. But honestly that has been pretty rewarding. Instant gratification (terrible I know!!). In the last 2 weeks here is what I have done…I made new barrette/product cards, 5 tutu/bling sets, 3 aprons for a half marathon group, stitched out some of the countless embroidery designs I have now, shopped for a new embroidery machine (don’t ask and DON’T go to JoAnn’s to look at machines, at least mine any way. I knew more than they did and that is seriously sad plus they were rude and PUSHY!! UGH!), taken all  my kids to the their annual check-ups, dentists etc., went to the dentist myself (and in 2 weeks I will be the proud owner of yet another bite plate-grrrrrr), applied for 2 craft shows (1 juried), my mama is moving in less than 2 weeks, started working on the outside plants now that spring has sprung, started potty training, got Princess’ ears pierced, did all the shopping for summer clothes, cleaned out the basement and my office…SERIOUSLY the LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON!
So for now and until I figure out a way to “DO IT ALL” blogging is going to be lite Sad smile! I am not abandoning ship! NEVER, just have to get some of these other things under control before I commit as much time as I was. I week or so ago my kids told me that “I WORK TOO MUCH!” Um, I am a SAHM and that broke my heart. I am going to put the pause on the linky love parties. Believe me you don’t want me to do them anyway! A) I have not linked up and supported anyone in months B) I cannot find the time to go and visit and comment love on everyone C) sometime, more often than not I forget the features! SHAME ON ME!
I certainly hope you all understand because I truly do love hearing from you and visiting and being inspired by all of you! Some of you (and you know who you are) have become very good friends! Life is just super hectic! AND if this helps at all to put thing into perspective…I got the Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and it is still in the box! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Shame on me again!
Alright guys, I have to try to figure out how to make a boppy cover complete with zipper for a friend for tomorrow. So I have to get back to work. WISH ME LUCK!! LOVE YOU ALL!


  1. Good luck... and when you figure out how to do it all, let the rest of us know!! ;)

  2. Good luck with all your stuff!!! :)

  3. Good Luck girl! You are doing great! If you want me to test out your Cameo I will be more then willing to help you out! haha, I kid! Your clips are awesome.

  4. glad to hear that your still going to stick with us. i had hoped to have a bunch of prints and cards done up for the spring shows, but it's not going to happen. am hoping now to get out there this fall :)


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