Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Will you join us?

(Angel Flameless Tea Light Cover)
This year in lieu of gift cards, candy, cookies, or our otherwise regular neighbor gifts the kids and I will be trekking door to door to deliver
Angel Flamless Tea Light Covers to as many neighbors as we can.
We will be asking that on Christmas Eve they place the tea light in their front window and help us
 in honor of all of those affected by the Sandy Hook Tragedy.
Our family invites you to join us.
We may not be able to get you an Angel Tea Light or even a candle but you can still join us.
On Christmas Eve at 6 p.m. light a candle (or turn on your front light) and take a moment to remember those that lost their lives too soon.
Even if you are not able to 
 please join us in lifting the Sandy Hook and surrounding areas in prayer.
No matter what you believe please join us and 
in your neighborhood.
 UPDATE: I had a couple of questions about the angel tea light cover. If you have an embroidery machine you purchase the design from Embroidery Garden. This particular angel is in a navitiy set. Here is the link:
(Please feel free to use my photo on your blogs, facebook, twitter,etc. to  LIGHT A CITY OF ANGELS on social media as well.)