Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here is another page that I added to the tab thingy :) I also worked on the FEATURES page, TUTORIAL page, CUSTOM ORDERS page, I combined my CONTACT/BUTTONS, I added a ton of other pages that need a ton of work and I have also been working on the   LINK PARTIES page (but it is still a work in progress). HOWEVER, I turned a the LINK PARTIES page into a 7 day linky so that if you have a party you can add it on the day that your linky goes live.
I also did some work on the KBAF Facebook page; cleaning and organizing the photos and what not. If you want you can hop over there and give us like and check out all the awesomeness. Plus, I post there multiple times a day about what is going, upcoming events, sales, fundraisers, and most importantly I SHARE COOL blogs, websites, etc. I have found while surfing the web.
AND lastly, I worked on etsy. I added a new shop MEMORY KEEPER by KBAF  and finally opened glAMERICA. I made banners for both but I do not like the one I made for MEMORY KEEPER by KBAF  so I will have to go back and work on that. I made all the policies the same for each shop AND...H-O-L-D on to you S-E-A-T  and S-H-U-T the F-R-O-N-T D-O-O-R...I added 1 item to eah shop! WHAT!! Can you believe it? My shop has always taken a back seat to...well EVERYTHING. I finally decided to take the plunge and believe in what I create and put it out there for the world to see. I am very optimistic at this point but it has been what like a whole 24hrs! HA!
Anyway, the whole idea for this blog post was just to show you that I made a new page and I ended up rambling about nothingness. SO thanks for listening. I have been home for 5 days w/o the hubba-hubba and have only talked to mother one time. Other than that all my ACTUAL conversations have been with the kids. So you see the need for me to well just unload all my awesomeness. AGAIN thanks for listening!! HUGS~

Here are some of the custom orders I have completed. If you would like to place a custom order or have an idea please send me an email at

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