Friday, June 22, 2012

S’mores FUN

Well I must be on a roll this week with all the blog work I have done. I redid my tutorial page and am working on the Link Party page. Please hop over and let me know what you think.
NOW moving on to SMORE FUN…or what I like to call S’mores Marshmallow Pops
I think I saw these being made on Creative Juice by Cathie and Steve. I set the program to record every time it is on TV but rarely get the chance to watch it. Had I actually watched it and they did makes these I prob would not have ruined 2 candy bars. BUT OH WELL~

Here is what I initially thought you would need:
Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
Graham Crackers
(And a Skewer for dipping)

Smore's Pop Ingredients6-22-12 0246-22-12 026Get your graham crackers out and crumble as if you are making a pie crust (yea, like I have ever done that-oh wait I have). When you have a fine little dust of graham crakers…SET OFF TO SIDE. One NIFTY little trick I learned- a meat tenderizer will do the job in a flash!Hershey's Chocolate FAIL6-22-12 027Okay so here is where my FAIL comes into play…I though I would be able to melt the chocolate in the microwave, which I did but then it quickly turned into a hard yuck crumbly mess.
A moment of silence please for these (now not so delicious) candy bars)
Melting Hershey's Chocolate6-22-12 030Then I got wise and melted them on the stove top…PERFECT!! SO skewer your MARSHMALLOW and dip in your NOW delicious melted chocolate…6-22-12 031and then dip them into your graham cracker dust.Smore's DippedViola! ALL DONE!! Smore's Marshmallow PopsYUMMY LOOKING RIGHT!! We decided to make a “campfire” night out of it and hot dogs and sang some songs. SO MUCH FUN and NONE of the BUGS, HEAT, or mess! 6-22-12 038Check out that ridiculous looking marshmallow we found in our bag! I am not going to even tell you all what I thought it looked like. Winking smile6-22-12 037
And I REFUSED to give the kids skewers while we were making these (our luck someone would lose an eye or 2!). So Bear got creative and used an egg beater. MAN I LOVE THAT KID!! He is also yelling at me not to take his picture but WHATEVs!
Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. HUGS~

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