Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Life Gives You Lyme...Can you make Lyme-ade?

So I figure I might as well tell you all that the last couple of weeks have not been the best. On October 26th I went in to the doctor for what I thought was pinched nerve. I was extremely fatigued, was having pain with cold/numbness down the right side of my body and weird heart palpitations. I also let him know  that some times the pain would be on the left but not as intense. Unfortunately, my PCP had his own diagnosis using his fancy schmancy medical degree. He told me he thought that I was suffering from Fibromyalgia. UGH! But all did not seem lost he gave me some medication that should help calm the pain receptors and told me to work out. He also took some blood to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Lyme disease. Over the weekend I was still exhausted and still in pain but kept plugging away. On October 30th @ 8:34 am the doctor’s office called and asked that I call them back. If your doctor’s office is anything like mine than you know trying to call them is like pulling teeth using a string and a door. As I sat on hold I complained to my husband that they could have just left me a message to let me know that it was all normal.
Sadly, that was not the case. The nurse said I had tested positive for Lyme disease. Me? Lyme? Seriously, they must have the wrong person. I DO NOT GO OUTSIDE during the spring/summer months! I break out in hives. I made an appointment to discuss things further with my doctor. He really knows nothing about Lyme Disease. He said I was the 2nd patient in his 23 years to test positive. He referred me to the Infectious Disease Center and put me on antibiotics. Then he also let me know that I had tested “moderately positive” for Lupus but that we would not be working on that until the Lyme was figured out. In the last week my pain has come and gone. My fatigue also comes and goes. I feel like I MUST take a nap almost daily. And there is an excruciating pain between my shoulder blades. Sometimes I my neck pain is ridiculous and my headaches an stay for days. The worst of it though is not remember the little things like where I put my phone or if I trimmed those pesky little threads or took off the stabilizer. I went from this… 
 267678_477582535595928_553283749_nTo this…
My husband and I watched a SUPER SCARY documentary on Netflix called “Under Our Skin.” Here is the YouTube link if you want to watch it. (It is free on Netflix but costs $2 on YouTube).
I of course am left wondering how long I have had this. Could I have avoided any surgeries had it been diagnosed earlier? Will all the symptoms go away when I finish the antibiotics? Or will they get worse. MAYBE WE SHOULD NOT HAVE WATCHED THAT DOCUMENTARY!
I will not know more until I see the Infectious Disease doctor on the 20th (yes that was there first available appt.). So, if you have information you would like to share please feel free. I am pretty sure I have done all the research I can until I see the ID Doctor without driving my self crazy.
So until then send me some good thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc. and I will keep you all posted as much as I can.

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  1. Yikes, poor you, I hope your appointment on the 20th is positive.
    Sending you good thoughs, vibes and prayers!!


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