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Monday, February 4, 2013

KBAF Monogrammed Bows Spring Collection

kissed by a frog monogram bow clip spring colorsKBAF Monogrammed Bow Spring Collection
2" Grosgrain: Lime, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, & Turquoise
1.5" Saddle Stitch: Lt Pink/White, Pink/White, & Purple Whitekissed by a frog monogram bow 1 Measures 6" at the widest point Kissed by a frog Monogram bow 2Classic Cutie Fontkissed by a frog lined alligator clipAll bows are attached to a matching lined no-slip alligator clip. kissed by a frog monogram bow clip spring colors Monogrammed Bows - $15 Shipped or 2/$25 Shipped
More Styles and Colors Coming Soon!!!

Lend a Helping Paw

Super excited about my latest donation. Last week, I contacted  Erin’s Midwest Animal ResQ to see they would like some dog bandanas for an upcoming meet & greet (or whatever). Guess what…they said yes!! So I whipped these up for them…
IMG_0140SmallIMG_0137Medium  IMG_0138Large   IMG_0141 These sweet little dog bandanas can slip right over the dog’s collar or if you really want to get fancy slide a piece of ribbon through and tie a bow.
Here is my daughter’s pup modeling one for us (she is not available for adoption sorry)…

If you read my posts often then you know how passionate I am about giving back. I like to help out as much as possible and where ever I can. It isn’t much but it is what I can. Right now we have our Heroes With HOPE Cape Campaign, I am currently sponsoring a little league basketball team, and now we are set to make a small donation of “ADOPT ME” dog bandanas to a local animal rescue, Erin’s Midwest Animal ResQ.
Yesterday, as I worked dog bandana donation I took a small break to pop on to fb. (Guilty, I am fb addict. I suppose there are worse things.) Anywho, this little picture popped up in my news feed of a dachshund that is blind and in terrible shape due to abuse by it’s owner. Erin’s Midwest Animal ResQ (which by the way is not a shelter they operate completely with fosters) was able to rescue the pup and is now working to get it vet services to help make him all better. This is just one of the stories this amazing organization shared. If you all ever wanted to donate to a rescue I would highly recommend this one. I am amazed daily by the love, caring, and support this groups has and shares with the community.
You can read more about Erin’s Midwest Animal ResQ and all the animals here:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boo Boo B-Gone Heat/Cool Therapy Bags

A few weeks ago one of my favorite people asked me if I could make her a “corn filled heating pad.” In all honesty I had  NEVER heard of such a thing. Of course I had heard of the rice heat therapy bags but never using corn in them. Well, I tell ya, I LOVE a challenge and after lots of research I went to town. I have created 8 prototypes in adult and children sizes!! I am calling my therapy heat/cool pads BOO BOO B-Gone! Isn’t that cute! (Sorry for the water mark but it helps protect my images/content!)
Research findings:
What are Corn Bags? Corn bags are a common term for natural heating pads, or warmers that are filled with dried corn and heated in the microwave for heat therapy. They can also be placed in the freezer to be used as a cold compress (think peepers)! Who knew?
What are some of the uses? Relieve Stress, Shoulders and Back, Cramps, Warming up the bed, Keep you warm in car while car is heating up, Wrap around neck in winter when going out in cold, Transporting Hot Food, Warm Dog's bed (supervise so they don't eat them), Snuggle with while reading a book, Headaches ( I know that’s right!), In a cold office, seriously the possibilities are endless. And you better watch out because THEY ARE ADDICTIVE (even making them is addictive)!! My kids and the hubba-hubba have been begging to use them EVERY day. Little Bear with his foot all in a cast loves to cuddle with one (hot or not). WHO KNEW??
How do you use it?
Heat Therapy: Place Larger bags in microwave flat with corn filler evenly distributed for approximately 2-3 minutes. Smaller bags & Neck wraps approximately 2 minutes.  Upon removal from microwave mix contents to help eliminate any “hot spots.” If  you would like a more moist heat  place a microwave safe cup of water along with their bag in the microwave before heating.
Cool Therapy: Place corn bag inside of an air tight container (zip-locs works) in refrigerator or freezer over night (depending on temps desired). *Allow cold packs to return to room temperature before heating in the microwave. How do you make them? Hey, I cannot do all the work for you! Plus, I did not follow a tutorial or anything. I designed my own. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the process either.  I always feel like I need to reinvent the wheel. Just kidding. It was hard to find a good tutorial that I thought would cover what I wanted/needed. If there is some interest I would be happy to write a tutorial for them.Any who, I designed 8 types of Boo Boo B-Gone Therapy Bags. So here they all are:

Baby Boo Boo B-Gone – 5” in diameter 
Tiny Tot Boo Boo B-Gone – 7 x 7” Square
Tiny Neck Huggie Boo Boo B-Gone – 2 x 16”
TheTiny Collection (includes a Baby, Little Tot, & Little Neck Boo Boo B-Gone)
Biggie Handy Boo Boo B-Gone – 5” diameter
Biggie Peepers Boo Boo B-Gone  - 4 x 9”
Biggie Neck Huggie Boo Boo B-Gone – 6 x 30”
IMG_0125Biggie Smalls Boo Boo B-Gone – 8 x 10”
IMG_0126 Biggie Mondo Boo Boo B-Gone – 10 x 14”
IMG_0127 Biggie Normus Boo Boo B-Gone - 10 x 18”
The BIGGIE Collection (includes a Handy, Peepers, Biggie Neck Huggie, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Mondo, & Biggie Normus Boo Boo B-Gone).
And in the off chance anyone is still reading this DID YOU NOTICE HOW MUCH BETTER MY PICTURES ARE??? (With the exception of the "cast" picture.) I got a new camera for Christmas and just got around to using it. WHAT THE HECK?? AHHHHH-MAZING!!
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