Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frog Blog Love Linky Party #3

Welcome to the Frog Blog Love Linky Party #3
So glad that you decided to join us!
Here are my favorites from last week!
You have to go check out this entire post! WATERMELON
every where and so CRAFTastic!
crafting    My watermelon craze continues

This next one made me so HAPPY! I needed to know how to make my own foam soap like you would not believe! We have 12 hands that need washing ALL the time! This is going to be
huge $$$MONEY$$$ saver! Get the how-to here at

If you have been surfing then you have seen this feature! I think she was featured every where she linked up last week.
Red, White, and Blue Bustle Dress
This adorable little dress had the most likes! And I think if I read correctly,
she also won first place at The CSI Project!

Now let's PaRtY!

Please link up your own projects, and link to the specific post, not your blog home page.

Link up as many projects as you would like. Before next week's Linky Party I will choose a 2-3 of my favorite to share with you.

Please, please, please choose some of your favorites, go visit, and leave lots of FROG blog love!
Now it is time PARTY! Link up your favorite crafts, DIY projects, recipes, decorating, etc. I cannot wait to see what you all have created!

So HOP forth and LINK UP!

Gift Pics Up Now

Okay, I am back and ready for your help! I am involved in a homemade gift exchange over here. My partner said that her favorite color is blue and here is what I made. The center stone on the necklace was my inspiration! I really hope my partner likes it. BTW, I pretty sure that it is safe to post this as I do not think that she reads my blog! She may think I am a little crazy since there was an email screw-up on part. You know how it is when you have 4 kids all barking for your attention while you are doing something else entirely and this miss something important. Yep, that happens to me all the time. I am pretty sure it is the reason for 99.99% of my typos also.


Beaded Necklace (never made one before)

Earrings ~ aren't the glass beads

Ring and Necklace


Close-up of ring

AND Close-up of Earrings.


Oh, and here is how I packaged it.

One Lovely Blog Award

I must admit, I should have done this LAST week but I swear I have no idea where my time has gone off too. I am so sorry for not doing this earlier because I was elated to have been given the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD! More than elated, I was ecstatic to read that Lesley@ Life of the Cocktail Party had given me a Lovely Blog Award!

Thank you so much, Leslie! Thank you for taking the time to give this award out, for thinking of me, and being just so darn sweet (and creative)!

I'm supposed to write 7 things about me that nobody in blogland knows. Well, that should not be very hard right? WRONG-O! I have been racking my brain trying to think of creative and wonderful things about me that you all don't know and I have got nothing. So, try not to be too bored here!
1. My favorite part of the day is when my tiny Munchkin Face wakes up. I snatch him out of his bad like we have not seen each other in years and HE snuggles down on my shoulder to tell me how much he loves me. It is absolutely blissful!
2. I hated, Hated, HATED the color PINK until I had the Princess. Now, I cannot imagine life with out it.
3. I consider my life a work in progress, when I grow up I hope I will have it all figured out! (but don't we all?)

4. I used to be a teacher and I am sure if you asked me in person why I quit I would tell you to stay home with my kiddies, But truth be told, it was a very dangerous job! Kids bring weapons to school, parents blame you for EVERYTHING, bomb threats, fires set, porno sent from personal email to the entire district (while I was sick), fights breaking out first year teaching I had to take leave because of threats a parent made because I had call Family Services for child abuse. Too SCARY. I miss the teaching part and watching the "light bulb" come on in kids but it was not worth my safety or sanity.

5. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a BROADWAY singer but I cannot sing!

6. Halloween is huge, Huge, HUGE in our house. A couple of years ago the kids and I made 3 foot Frankenstein heads for each of them! AWESOME!

7. I do not own a dress (or a skirt) and it drives Princess crazy. She thinks I should wear one every day but I am a T-shirt, jeans, and flip flops (no matter the weather) girl!

Now to fulfill receipt of this award, I am presenting the One Lovely Blog Award to the following 5 bloggers and my new friends:

Tutu Cute America Take 2

What day is it?? Wonderful Wednesday? Goodness, where is the world did this week go? Well, hello my HOPPY friends and welcome to Wonderful Wednesday! I just wanted to do a quick post of glAMERICA's tutu option 2 for the 4th and see what you all think!
Here it is!
Your basic white cotton Tee ~ I
cut off the sleeves, and ribbed neck.
Then I just put in a RED & BLUE running
stitch to give it some - character. 
Added some blinging Stars - I
am going to stitch detail to the stars but
have not yet. I all I did was use fusible

SPORTED out the sleeves because I just think
it is cute!

Just showing all the stitching.
Do you like it? I saw a lady on "She's Crafty"
show how to do this but cannot remember what
she called the Tee's. I think they were pretty popular
at one time. Anyone, know the name I am looking for?
Boy, my memory is stinky!

AND the glAmerica Glory Tutu! You know me
there are 50 stars but a few more than 13 stripes.
POOR planning on my part.


Blue Steel pose! (Zoolander)

Here it is one more time.
So what do you guys think??? 
This one???????

This one????
That is all I have for now but I will back later with some jewelry. I want to know what you guys think of it because it is a gift. So, please come back and give me your thoughts!
Tomorrow is the LINKY PARTY! So excited!! My favorite day of the whole week because I get to see what you all are doing!
"See" you soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tutu Cute America

America the Beautiful - Tutu Cute America
Here is the outfit I am working on for my princess to wear on the 4th of July! I had wanted to make her 2 to choose from but yesterday got away from me. I am going to try to make her another one today along with some totally glAMERICA accessories! OMGoodness, glAMERICA! I wonder if that name is taken? I should make an etsy shop right now if it is not! (DONE! Sweet!) When I make some seriously glamorous things I will list them in the shop! You all are so inspiring! THANK YOU!
Back to the tutu outfit. SERIOUSLY, please let me know what you think! Does it need more flowers?

Gorgeous, right?

Look at all of those layers! You like??

Sporty Stripe and BLINGING flowers.

Better view!?!

Do you love it or hate it??
Hoppy Tutuesday!

Linking up here and check out my linky party page for other places I will be going.

Monday, June 27, 2011

America the Beautiful Baby Mama Monday


Supplies Needed:
Sewing Machine
Tube Socks - I got mine @ JoAnn 60% off
Thread & Bobbin
Optional Bows, flowers, or other embellishments

Lay your socks out flat.

Cut off the ENTIRE foot like this.

Your socks should look like this now.

Now, snip off the ankle and toe; so you are left
with a mini tube.

Fold your mini tubes in half!

This step is COMPLETELY optional but I find it the edges of the mini tube together.

I like to use a zig-zag stich.

And now your mini tubes should look like this!

Slip the mini tube over the BIG tube like pictured,
 line up all the edges, and zig-zag stitch again.

Flip the mini tube down to make your little baby
leggings and YOU ARE DONE!

This is what it should look like. Does yours look
like this? I hope so! Now do the same thing on the
other sock so that you have two matching

I added some little flowers with gems in
the center.

CUTE, huh? And super easy to make! It took me
longer to type this post, not including pictures,
then it did to make these adorable little leggings!

Here they are again.
Now, I will admit that when I learned how to make these I used a tutorial. However, that was so long ago now that I have no idea which one and of course I made modifications to suit my needs. I am so sorry that I can give credit where it is due here because I am a BIG believer in SHOUT OUTS! So, if you have a tutorial for baby leggings please leave a comment below with the link for everyone!

Well, my Frog loving friends that is the end of Mama Monday for this week. I HOPE you all enjoyed it and found my tutorials useful! If you make some of these baby leggings let me know because I would love to see them!
THURSDAY is the FROG BLOG LOVE LINKY Party No. 3! Please stop by and link up this week!! I would love to see what you have been making!

Mama Monday Educational Edition

The BANG Game (for Reading)

Welcome to my first Educational Tutorial! If you have toddler, younger school age children, or just want to get a jump start on early reading (which I actually recommend) this is a post you will not want to miss! AND it also fits in with the America the Beautiful theme that I will be continuing for the rest of the week! AND if you are not already excited this is a craft that you can do with supplies you already have at home and is TOTALLY green! WOOT! WOOT!
Let's HOP to it!
Supplies needed:
Scrapbook paper (or scrap paper, have your kids decorate a piece of paper, use old wrapping paper, whatever you want!)
Empty Pringles Can (believe me one you pop you just can't stop so it will be empty before you know it)
A piece of yarn or sting (something to make a "fuse")
Glue of choice (I will be using a glue stick)
Clear contact paper or packing tape (I only have packing tape here but will be going to buy the contact paper this afternoon)
Mini Alphabet and/or Sight word Flashcards (just google the flash cards you are looking for and it will bring up a ton of choices but I used the ones found here and here.)
Scissors or paper cutter (I am using my paper cutter that I bought a while back for like $5 works well when I need it)
A marker (or letter stickers or use your cutting machine if you have one to make the word BANG)

Go on and gather all of your supplies and we will make this project together! Go ahead, now, I will wait...
Step 1. Grab that empty Pringles can and rinse it out. It won't hurt anything I promise.
Step 2. Measure your can from silver rim to sliver rim  like pictured, mine is is EXACTLY 8 inches long but measure because they come in different sizes! NOW measure around and add 1 inch to your measurement. Mine is 9.5 inches + 1 inch = 10.5 inches.

Step 3. Get your paper cutter and choose your scrapbook paper and measure the dimensions and cut.

Step 4. Apply your Glue and stick to the Pringles can.
Step 5. Tape down edge OR if you are using the contact paper cut the same size as scrapbook paper and apply on top to provide a protective covering for your game. Get all of your air bubbles out weather using tape or contact paper.
Voila-Can is DONE.

Step 6. NOW for the lid-what ever you decided to use for a "fuse" grab that and cut a small hole in the top of the lid and glue in your fuse. (staying green I am using some of the decorations from the graduation party we hosted. If you would like to see those decorations click here. The decorations were really amazing if you don't mind me tooting my own horn. TOOT! TOOT!)

Step 7. Cut apart your flash cards and put them inside of the can.

Step 8. If you use the flash cards I did there are a few blank cards. Write the word "BANG" on 2 or 3 of the blank cards and put those inside the can as well.

Step 9. SHAKE CAN!
Step 10. NOW IT IS TIME TO PLAY! Take turns pulling out and "reading" the sight words. Keep all the cards that are read correctly. If you read one incorrectly place it back in the can and try again next time. If you pull out a BANG card, place all of your card back in the can and start again. GREAT PRACTICE!

I made one game for sight words, alphabet and numbers, shapes and colors, animals. The possibilities are endless and the price cannot be beat. I did not use any tutorial for this. I have a Remedial Reading certification with my teaching degree and this is one of the games we use to help in remedial reading. I think it is an excellent resource for kids learning to read as well!
I hope you make one for your kids. Let me know if you do I would love to see what you all come up with!
There will be another Mama Monday Baby Edition later today that is also a cool tutorial. So, see you then!