Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FD gift #2 - Where Life Begins

Here is another FD gift the kids and I made for hubs! I tried to take a ton of pictures in hopes that it would be like a mini tutorial. So, let me know what you think!

Supplies Needed:
1 8x10 Canvas
1Can of Rust-Oleum Spray Paint (any color will do but I used Ultra 2x Gloss Purple)
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge Glue
Foam Paint Brush
As many little Hands as you have

My blank canvas! Just waiting patiently
to be be prettied up with that AWESOME
spray paint!
Take that canvas outside and spray away. Start with the
edges/sides first and then do the main part of the canvas.
Ooooh, la, la. Pretty in Purple!!
Now go get all of those hands that I said you would need.
Trace around 1 from each kid on regular paper and cut out
like this.
You could skip this step if you do not have messy kids.
I have SUPER sticky, messy, yucky kids so I did not
want to ruin the scrapbook paper.

Want to know how I made the shape for the heart...
SUPER CUTE! But I actually used daddy's hands.

Trace your hands on to your scrapbook paper. And
cut them out again...
Like this!
Now get your Mod Podge and foam brush.
"Paint" the wrong side first and arrange how
you want them to look. I did this...
Then I googled "family vinyl" (I do not have one of
those fancy cutting machines) and found this little saying,
"Family, where life begins."
I used a silver Sharpie to write directly on to the
canvas and a black one to write on the heart.
The "family" could have been straighter but I am
a lefty and that is difficult! Eeeek!
How did I do???
Alright, my HOPPY friends I will be back later with my HOO Are you Post (I hope)! Have a terrific Tuesday!!!!

P.S. I am still waiting! Some one send me some patience please!!!!

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  1. cute idea, I love it!

  2. How sweet! A fun project for the whole family to be part of.

  3. This is so sweet! I am pinning this to Pinterest! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So awesome!! What a cute idea! -Juli

  5. SO CUTE!!! i love it:)


  6. How cute is this? Very sweet gift!

  7. Jenni, I love it! What a beautiful way to make meaningful art with your family! Featuring this over on my FB page!


  8. This is really cute. Hey girl I just sent you an email for a free easy canvas print but it's only good for about 3 more hours so I wanted to leave you a message here. It only takes a minute to order they have a great site, the shipping is $15. Love ya.


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