Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here is another page that I added to the tab thingy :) I also worked on the FEATURES page, TUTORIAL page, CUSTOM ORDERS page, I combined my CONTACT/BUTTONS, I added a ton of other pages that need a ton of work and I have also been working on the   LINK PARTIES page (but it is still a work in progress). HOWEVER, I turned a the LINK PARTIES page into a 7 day linky so that if you have a party you can add it on the day that your linky goes live.
I also did some work on the KBAF Facebook page; cleaning and organizing the photos and what not. If you want you can hop over there and give us like and check out all the awesomeness. Plus, I post there multiple times a day about what is going, upcoming events, sales, fundraisers, and most importantly I SHARE COOL blogs, websites, etc. I have found while surfing the web.
AND lastly, I worked on etsy. I added a new shop MEMORY KEEPER by KBAF  and finally opened glAMERICA. I made banners for both but I do not like the one I made for MEMORY KEEPER by KBAF  so I will have to go back and work on that. I made all the policies the same for each shop AND...H-O-L-D on to you S-E-A-T  and S-H-U-T the F-R-O-N-T D-O-O-R...I added 1 item to eah shop! WHAT!! Can you believe it? My shop has always taken a back seat to...well EVERYTHING. I finally decided to take the plunge and believe in what I create and put it out there for the world to see. I am very optimistic at this point but it has been what like a whole 24hrs! HA!
Anyway, the whole idea for this blog post was just to show you that I made a new page and I ended up rambling about nothingness. SO thanks for listening. I have been home for 5 days w/o the hubba-hubba and have only talked to mother one time. Other than that all my ACTUAL conversations have been with the kids. So you see the need for me to well just unload all my awesomeness. AGAIN thanks for listening!! HUGS~

Here are some of the custom orders I have completed. If you would like to place a custom order or have an idea please send me an email at

The Frog Gives Back

I have been working on the blog all week. Trying to clean things up and organize. I use Windows Live Writer now (beccause part of my blog was high-jacked by a rather large blog that knows more about this stuff than I do). Mostly, I like to use because it will automatically watermark your photos. HOWEVER, evidently that is not true when you put one of the picture collages together (like below). Anyone know wh that is?? is one of the pages I added to the tab thingy (I bet you love that I use big technical words don't you) at the top of the blog.

There is nothing we love more than helping others. We are so thankful to be able to give back to those in our community! It fills our hearts with an unexplainable joy. Here are some of the items we have donated to autions to help raise money for causes that are near and dear to our us. If you would like to have the FROG help your cause please email us at

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Custom Embroidery Now Available From Kissed By A Frog

golf buddy tee shirt onesie

"Daddy's Golf Buddy" for a friend whose daddy is super AWESOME at GOLF! We are so proud of him!!Class of 2025 Tee ShirtHave a munchkin heading off to kindergarden this year? OR know one? Wouldn't this be the CUTEST shirt to wear on the first day of school?? Yes I think so too!! I am going to be including this in my "MEMORY KEEPER" Collection (custom shirts made specifically to used in the future on a t-shirt quilt). Recycle Scroll work Urban ThreadsScroll Work Recycle Tee (absolutely beautiful and totally fits in with out summer lessons on recycling!Sea World Memory Keeper Tee Shirt 2"Memory Keeper" for a friend that took a family vaca to Florida and even got to visit Sea World. Sea World Tee Shirt Memory KeeperAh NUTS Urban Threads Tee ShirtAw NUTS! Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? LOVE!!!

3D Robot Urban Threads Tee Shirt
This is my personal fav! 3D Robot - HOLY CUTENESS!!!

Class of 2025 Design created by me!!! KISSEDBYAFROGONLINE.COM
Nuts, Recycle, & Robot Designs puchased from URBAN THREADS (also available in hand embroidery!)
Killer Whale pruchased from Planet Applique
GOLF purchased from Lynnie Pinnie (Daddy's & Buddy are add-ons using my software)

S’mores FUN

Well I must be on a roll this week with all the blog work I have done. I redid my tutorial page and am working on the Link Party page. Please hop over and let me know what you think.
NOW moving on to SMORE FUN…or what I like to call S’mores Marshmallow Pops
I think I saw these being made on Creative Juice by Cathie and Steve. I set the program to record every time it is on TV but rarely get the chance to watch it. Had I actually watched it and they did makes these I prob would not have ruined 2 candy bars. BUT OH WELL~

Here is what I initially thought you would need:
Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
Graham Crackers
(And a Skewer for dipping)

Smore's Pop Ingredients6-22-12 0246-22-12 026Get your graham crackers out and crumble as if you are making a pie crust (yea, like I have ever done that-oh wait I have). When you have a fine little dust of graham crakers…SET OFF TO SIDE. One NIFTY little trick I learned- a meat tenderizer will do the job in a flash!Hershey's Chocolate FAIL6-22-12 027Okay so here is where my FAIL comes into play…I though I would be able to melt the chocolate in the microwave, which I did but then it quickly turned into a hard yuck crumbly mess.
A moment of silence please for these (now not so delicious) candy bars)
Melting Hershey's Chocolate6-22-12 030Then I got wise and melted them on the stove top…PERFECT!! SO skewer your MARSHMALLOW and dip in your NOW delicious melted chocolate…6-22-12 031and then dip them into your graham cracker dust.Smore's DippedViola! ALL DONE!! Smore's Marshmallow PopsYUMMY LOOKING RIGHT!! We decided to make a “campfire” night out of it and hot dogs and sang some songs. SO MUCH FUN and NONE of the BUGS, HEAT, or mess! 6-22-12 038Check out that ridiculous looking marshmallow we found in our bag! I am not going to even tell you all what I thought it looked like. Winking smile6-22-12 037
And I REFUSED to give the kids skewers while we were making these (our luck someone would lose an eye or 2!). So Bear got creative and used an egg beater. MAN I LOVE THAT KID!! He is also yelling at me not to take his picture but WHATEVs!
Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. HUGS~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fronts Available For Custom Embroidery

Here are samples of some the fonts I have purchased for custom embroidery. I will be adding more fronts as I get them so check back often. If you would like to order a custom or personalized item (onesie, t-shirt, tote bag, etc) please email me at
Batty ABatty Font
IMG_0449Skull FrontPage_4Page_2Pirate Font
Page_3 Witchy Frog Font
Page_9Rock Star Font
Page_7_of_9Page_9_of_9Baseball Font
Page_2Love Bug Font
 Page_5IMG_0647_3Page_2Racecar Font Page_2_of_74-20-12 cell 3004-20-12 cell 371“Dress” Tie Font
Page_26-21-12 cell 024Royal Princess Front
Page_25-13-12 cell 004Ruby Slipper Front
Page_2_of_9IMG_0646_1Shabby Rose Front
Page_4_of_76-21-12 cell 174Song Bird Front
Page_1Page_8Snowflake Front

curlz color chartCurlz Front in Lace, Zig Zag, or Satin Stitch (you choose one stitch)double 2 picDouble Alphabet Color ChartDouble Fun Fontpatriotic preview 2Patriotic Fontsatin alli picAlli Fontsatin alli xxlAlli Satin Font XXLstar picStar FontPage_3Firecracker FontPage_aStar Studded FontPage_3_of_9Mermaid FontPage_1_of_7Super Hero Fonttiny lettersTiny Fontvintage applique color chart
Vintage Font
*If you would like to know where I purchased any design please email me at this time. When time permits I will add links to all purchased fronts. Thanks for understanding.