Monday, October 21, 2013

Let me tell you a story...

Do you love little nursery rhymes as much as I do? Especially one that are interactive and get your child involved and more engaged in learning?
One of my favs as kid was The Itsy Bitsy Spider! All the actions where so much fun but my favorite was when the poor little spider gets WASHED OUT! Oh the good old days of just singing and playing.
Well, I wanted to bring new life to the old song for my kids. So, I created a busy book just for that spider! This book is perfect for sequencing, story telling, retelling. fine motor skills, learning colors, talking about simple machines, and so much more!
Pages included are:
- cover page
- Zipper spider up the spout
- Pulley System rain coming down
- Pop-up clouds with peek-a-boo sun and button on flowers
Busy books are a great way to keep your kids occupied on long car trips, during church, and any other time you need a few minutes of peace and quiet!
Busy book pages are 9" x 12" and have 3 button holes so you can bind them together with metal book rings and pages as your child grows, making it easy to share with siblings and friends!
Want one for yourself or favorite little? You can find it in my etsy shop :

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