Monday, January 16, 2012

Mama Monday & Real Life Mama Moments

Awwwww, FROG BLOG readers, oh how I have missed you!! That surgery was not exactly what I was expecting. I thought for sure that I would be hitting the dance floor the night after my surgery but instead I just hit the floor. Have any of you had your gall bladder removed?? I have had so many surgeries but most followed with me bringing a baby home or having a new one here. This surgery was sooooo different. When I woke up in recovery I was in it to win and on FB and emailing, ready to take on the world. By Monday, I could not even get my rear out of bed. However, I am feeling better now! Still  a little sore and swollen in some spot but absolutely better. The best part is that "FOOTBALL" that has been stuck under my rib cage for the last year + is gone and I can eat with out having pain. That little tid bit makes me so happy!! Plus, while I was laid up my little bear and I worked on things like belly button, tummy, and counting the bandages and "ouches" the doctor gave mommy. Plus, we learned that Bear kisses do make things feel better!! Unfortunately, I also learned that when the doctor says not to lift over 15 lbs. there is good reason. Dancing with Munchkin Face last night was not very comfortable. But enough about my little break and on to Real Life Mama Monday...
Recently, Bear has been working on "size." He asks me frequently, "Are we giants?" And of course I have to tell him yes but we are the nice kind of giants. It is amazing to me that he already has an understanding that our family is a little different (me excluded) since the hubs and kids are so much taller than everyone else. He has also been making statements to me about his size compared to mine..."I am small. You are big." I tried to correct him and tell him that I was tall and he was short; you know so I do not get a complex about my size but he just responded by saying,  "I am small short and you are big." OY, what is a girl to do?
While we are on the subject of MATH and the toddler, I wanted you all to know that we order the TEAM UMI ZOOMI Math Kit (the entire system) and I think it is AMAZING! So far we have watched the all 3 videos and Bear wears his "free" back pack every day waiting for the imaginary school bus to pick him up. If you are looking for a fun way to supplement early Math learning this is pretty awesome and not traditional.  I love it. I would like to mention (because it is the teacher mommy in me) that I am not one of those parents that would normally use something like this. I am a strong believer in let the kids be kids because one they hit school these days the fun and games are over. But my little toddler Bear LOVE Team Umi Zoomi and this kit is not the traditional boring rote work I have seen. It is fun and games and I do not push him to do anything he does not want to do. Also, I purchased the system myself, with my $ (which actually was a good price) and am in NO WAY being compensated for telling you about it.  You can find it here...
My Girl Gingee (Ginger from GingerSnap Crafts) wrote in to let us all know about the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing that happened at her house (read with caution this is heart breaking)...

I've got a real mommy moment for you...two days ago my two year old climb up on our computer desk up to were my brand new Cameo is sitting & opened the lid & cut the electronic tape thing in the back in two pieces with craft scissors....the scalloped ones to be exact.'s toast! (OMG, I would die!! However, mine is not even out of the box yet. See, now you know I was seriously down for the count!)
Want another one???
Miss Mindie (from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo)commented to let us know about about her ALL BOY situation, which I find hilarious but would be mortified if it happened to me!
One thought comes to mind, the day I noticed my son, then 5, out on the baseball field with his pants unzipped and his finger sticking out his fly, and he was turning around showing all the players. It was something he had seen Ray, on Everybody Loves Raymond doing. I turned and smiled at his teacher's aid, who was sitting right by me, gasp. (BAHAHAHAHAHA, got to love those boys!!)
And the featured link of the week...
Miss Fizzy from her new mama, Mommy Bug. What a lucky little fur-lady and fabulous story!
I am so glad to know that life is not always perfect everywhere but in my house! Thank you so much to everyone that linked up a Real Life Mommy Moment. I am going to go ahead and just clone the link for a while (I do not want anyone to miss any of these stories.)
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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. Could not imagine!! I am 26 and got my tonsils out with my 4 year old 2 weeks ago. And I thought that was miserable. But you take the trophy!!! OWIE!! But 3 years ago my husband had his gall bladder taken out. What should have been a 1-2 hour surgery took 4-5 hours. I was freakin out, they gave me no updates for him . Turns out his whole gall bladder was gange green, and could have possibly killed him!! Scary stuff!!! BTW LOVE your blog!!!

  2. Glad you are back and feeling lots better!


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