Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frogulicious Friday Feature

I am not quite organized enough to post anything about my progress with Change. I will tell you, that I have a plan for the year! (I know right!) I wrote down all of the things I would like to accomplish in 2012 and then broke them down in categories (ME, Kids, Business, & Crafts). It was soooo hard to pick and prioritize!! But I am keeping a running list of other things that I want to accomplish for next year's list. ANYWHO, after I did all that I broke everything in to months so that I have one thing to focus on for each category for each month. I am hopeful that this will help me keep on track, plus there is nothing that will last longer than a month so I won't get bored! I also think I organized everything in such a way, that it will help me grow my inventory and get me ready for bee craft season. SWEET!
Next week will be my official start date and all will be least for the month of February. BUT I already know that 2012 is going to be an exciting year of CHANGE!
Every Thursday during the linky I add a little blurb (okay I just copy and paste from the previous week, which explains the exact same typos for months. HA) about my Rust-Oleum Love Project Parade Party. Have you all seen the projects linked up? OMGosh! Seriously there are some amazing projects!!!! I am so proud and thankful that you all are using my favorite paint, Rust-Oleum! If you all are using Rust-Oleum I would LOVE for you to link up your projects. 
Today, I want to share a Rust-Oleum Project with you all that I saw on one of the Rust-Oleum FB pages (They have 2, Paint Ideas and Rust-Oleum). You all are gonna be BLOWN AWAY!!
I saw this mural and contacted the artist here is his reply...
Thank you so much for your kind words about my mural! 
  I used to be a graffiti artist when i was growing up, i made works of art that were showcased in several magazines and locally acclaimed by fellow artists and newspaper publications. For years i wanted to paint a 911 Mural and i thought after 10 years it would be appropriate to give a Mural to the community and to the whole world via the internet. Asking for permission to paint something like this was not easy, i went through several dozen sources and the last person i called was kind and gracious enough to give me the space to paint the mural. The total cost of materials cost me approximately $70 worth of Spray paint. I chose Rustoleum because it never has left me dry- it is an excellent paint with a fantastic outdoor life and brilliant colors. All commercial jokes aside- many Aerosol art spray paints imported from Europe for the sole purpose of graffiti artists to use always leave me with fading paint and mixed quality- this mural in particular was important to me and i wanted to use an all American brand that would stand up to the elements. I wish more spray paint companies like Rustoleum would recognize its artists that spend their money and glorify their spraypaint.    While painting the mural, several people approached me and asked if i was from New York. I told them i was from West Palm Beach! Everyone living in this country (not just New Yorkers) were affected by 911- even small towns. The city I live in has been devoid of much culture and pubic displays of art for some time now; and it felt so good again to finally give back to the community that we could all appreciate. While i was painting it, a post man came up and took a photo and shook my hand. It is unfortunate that it was through tragedy we all stand in solidarity, but now ten years later I like to hope we are wiser and stronger as a society.
  I wrote REMEMBER 911 specifically because i wanted to REMEMEBR where we were that day and to REMEMBER it so that it never happens again. I chose black for the font to mourn for all the innocent civilians, the brave firemen and first responders, and lastly the victims of 911 all over the world. We lost our innocence that day but i hope we never lose the freedoms that makes us Americans.
Thanks again for being interested in my mural

Eric Goertz
And here is the Artist with a portion of the Mural...

Crazy Awesome, RIGHT! ALL AMERICAN ALL THE WAY. I seriously, love that this blog has brought me together with wickedly talented people like Eric and you! I never would have thought that my best friend, aka my favorite paint, aka Rust-Oleum would have brought me to a project like this! Anyway, with the elections and everything it seems like our nations is more divided than ever. I thought it was fitting for us to take  moment to be THANK.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have awarded you the "Tell Me About Yourself" blog award. You can find out more about it here: Tell me About Yourself

  2. Rusto all the way! Krylon can go to hell for changing its cap system. Great article, Jenni. Thanks for recognizing one of the most underrated and unappreciated bombers from all of South Florida. I got my ass out of the culturally-devoid city a long time ago, but Mr. Goertz is still holdin' up the fort! Great post.

    ~The Sauceman


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