Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Giveaway

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The princess headed off to school in style today sporting her new Seuss-tastical shirt and headband.
I did design the headband and bling all by myself! All credit goes to me this time. WOOHOOO!

I sent pictures via text (I always do, I bet some of my friends wish they could delete me) to my friends and family. AND guess of them actually asked me to make her a headband. I, of course, jumped at the chance to use my embroidery machine more. And here is hers... 

 So what do you think? Do you love it? I digitized the "hat" myself and the paisleys are a free design (I feel terrible but I do not know where I got it. Most of them say but this one does not. I should have typed it in when I saved it.)
ANYWHO, my friend asked that I make her a little thinner than Syd's. Which actually worked out great because then I could repeat both designs and make 2. Which means, I just so happen to have an EXTRA on laying around now.
I smell a giveaway!
Please make sure to be a frog follower via GFC to enter:
1. Share this giveaway on FB and/or Twitter. (1 entry for each)
2. I want to make some new friends so leave a comment here telling me about yourself. Please make sure to include your email address so if you win I can reach you.
3. I am getting my hair done in the afternoon. SO, help me pick which color to do. Just leave a comment with which hair color you think is super awesome (and not too over the top).
Option #1
Option #2 (I love the pink)
Option #3 (A little less dramatic)
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Just leave a few little comments to enter and this Seuss-tastical Headband could be all yours!

Giveaway ends 3/9/12 around noonish (I would give a more specific time but it seems I always get sidetracked). Open to you all! Have fun!!