Monday, March 19, 2012

Arizona Spring Training–Cactus League w/ the Kansas City Royals (& my bestie)

First let me start off by saying I am not a WORLD traveler. I am not a US traveler. HECK, I am not even a Missouri traveler. I am a good old fashioned homebody that does not mind staying home every day. I would like to say that I have some sort of anti-social disorder but I don’t. It just me! It is just who I am. Someday, I hope to travel but for most part my travels are just to see family…UNTIL NOW!
When, my girlfriends started planning there attack on Arizona I was really not interested. I did not really like baseball (mainly because I did not “get it”), I dislike the sun (because I have PMLE or Polymorphic light eruption), and I had never been to AZ nor did I really want to go (there is no beach). But when I talked to my husband about their trip he gave me a stern talking too, telling me I need to go and get away; take a break. (I guess after 5+ years it might be time). So, I called up my girlie and asked if it would be okay for me to tag along (yep, I was that person). She agreed, WHEW!
On March 10th we headed for the airport bright and early. Well, okay it was noon. I said good bye to the kids and hubba-hubba and that was it. Well, not quite. I called home before I boarded to see if all was well (and to make sure the cat did not get locked in my office) only to find out that the 1 (yes one, only one child went to the airport with us the other were getting ready for basketball tourneys) child that went to airport got SERIOUSLY car sick about 2 blocks away from the house. OH BOY! I just wanted to hug and squeeze my little guy but I couldn’t my plane was boarding.
We made it to DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) and ate lunch at URBAN TACO. HOLY goodness!! The corn tacos were amazingly delish! While we sat waiting for to board the plane to AZ we noticed a super tall family. My gf that I was with told me to go talk to them but I was hesitant. I know (first hand) how annoying it is to hear repeatedly “HOW TALL ARE?” After all that is how I met my husband. But I did it I chatted them up and talked with mama about how tall the boys were growing up and if it was hard (some days I wish there were a support group for families with tall peeps). They were the sweetest. I referred to them as “THE TALLS” for the rest of the trip but after we picked up our rental car we never saw them again. Sad smile
Anywhoo, you all do not care about the play-by-play I am sure so here come the pictures…
Az trip 002Az trip 005Az trip 034Az trip 035Az trip 036Az trip 074Az trip 091Az trip 092Az trip 103Az trip 106Az trip 107Az trip 108Az trip 109
Okay there is enough baseball to last us a week. I will be putting together smaller post with pics in the coming days. We had so much and there is so much I want to share with you all!! OH MY GOODNESS! And might I add I did learn a little along the way.
Sorry for the "short" post but it is crazy here. Kids areon Spring Break my brother just got into town and the rest of the siblings (and families) will be here over the weekend. EEK! Hope I am ready!!

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