Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Did I show you all this already??

You know before my trip I really was not a fan of baseball. So, I went into my trip thinking that if I had to sit and watch baseball (and be miserable) then I might as well be looking cute!! Little did I know I would come to LOVE baseball over my 6 days but I did. However, I also looked SUPER cute doing it!! Here are some of the things I made/embellished for my trip to Arizona. Baseball Angle
I love this one! I bought the iron-on wings at a craft store and was SUPER skeptical that it would work but I LOVE the way it turned out. I made the baseball my self.
Flower V-neck in Kansas City Royals Blue
I used Embroidery Garden’s Frayed Flower design to make all the little flowers on a white knit that I had left over from a previous project. Then I cute each one out and attached to the shirt with my sewing machine. This certainly was a labor of love and was FEATURED in Embroidery Garden’s Newsletter!! Pretty Sweet!!!
b kansas city royals bling
Kansas City Royals BLING T-Shirt!! I made the pattern myself. I think it is a little crooked but hey I am human and make mistakes. Plus making your own bling pattern…not as easy as one would think. 
baseball queen
baseball bling tee
Obviously, I wore this one before I took the pic! And leave it to me to stain up a white shirt like a baby! I spilled coffee on this before I actually had the coffee in my hand. Please tell me how that happens. Then I spilled salsa all over it. I tried to TIDE-To-GO the spots but it only made them worse…EMBARRASSED!!!
3-13 cell 670
I LOVE BASEBALL Bling Tee! LOVE THIS ONE!! (Okay, I love them all!)
KC Royals Necklace
KC Royals Necklace Tattoo
My bestie had her bday a couple of days before we let for our trip so I made her this necklace. To get the KC Royals on the pendant. I used a tattoo and 3D Glaze. It turned out soooooo well!!!
I also made her this little monogramed flower for her bag. I thought it was/is super cute!
Bag Bloom
Bag Bloom 2
So what do you think? Were we cute or what?? I thought we looked great!!! However, after our first game on Sunday (and SPF 50) I looked like this…Very LOBSTER like! No joke about the SPF 50 either.
Az trip 003

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