Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Weekend in CRAFTS

So in preparation for my weekend in AZ I am heading off to the Doctor to see if there is anything I can to try to reduce or minimize the effects of the sun. Not because I burn easily because I do but because I a terrible photo sensitivity, kind of like a sun allergy. I rarely spend time out doors during the spring/summer months because I always get a terrible rash which I think is PMLE (you can click that to find out more if you would like). They usually just give me a steroid foam for AFTER but by then I am miserable and working on making everyone around me miserable to. This rash reminds me of the back of the flying dog from Never Ending Story. (Anyone remember that movie or am I way old?) It blisters. It burns. It itches. It is awful. Anyone else this problem or am I a total weirdo?
Image Detail
TMI??? Oh well, sorry about that. Now moving on…
I am so excited about this trip. I went hunting for a new suitcase but goodness gracious they are super pricey! So a friend told me to check out Gordman’s (formerly known as the 1/2 price store; formerly know as Gordman’s; formerly know as…you get it). When I was in college I would go there all the time to buy clothes, accessories, everything. It was good. I am not sure why I never thing to shop there now, I just don't. I gotta tell you I think that thinking is a mistake. I got a HUGE (check it) suitcase, matching duffle, and the cutest flip flops ever for less than $50. AND the luggage has a 3 year warranty, not that I will be using it since I do not travel much. My husband travels frequently for work but he will not be using my suitcase unless pigs fly in the near future. (I got the pink cow but had a hard time deciding between these two.)
And then my shoes that I ordered online from Kohl's FINALLY came (I swear they have the slowest shipping possible). I bought 2 pairs. Here I am decided which ones I like best…
AND now on to the crafty fun. I am totally obsessed with my embroidery machine at this point. I have no idea why it took me so long to put it together and figure it out. Scared I guess. So here is what we (the machine and I ) made over the weekend…
Bag Bloom
Monogrammed flowers for bags…not sure what to call them at this point so ideas would be appreciated. This design is from The Embroidery Garden. Have I told you how much I like her???
Bag Bloom 2
A new cell phone case I whipped up. Word of advice…a wise friend once said “Measure twice cut one.” Granted she was talking about wood but the same rule applies here…trust me!!
Cell Phone Cozy
My iPod needed a little cozy too. Plus, I learned how to use my gathering foot thanks to a reader over at Craftaholics Anonymous. HIGH tension is the key…who knew? (I bet everyone but me!)
iPod Case
IPod Purse
Another Embroidery Garden Design, Frayed Flowers in the hoop. HOLY COW WHAT A TIME SAVER!! Plus, I have a new secret weapon for getting those flowers frayed in a snap!
Frayed Flowers
Frayed Flowers 2
AND then yesterday I threw this little thing together. I am not finished with it but I thought it was sooo cute so I had to share…
A Laptop Sleeve, bag, cozy, padded case, or whatever you call it. I used the Lynnie Penny Frog Prince design on one side
personalized embroidered laptop case
And the Hyper Font from the machine to embroider “kissed by a frog” on the other side.
laptop case 2
Trying to decide if I should add some frayed flowers but I have a plan now!!
There are more projects but I imagine you all are on picture overload at this point and I have to run! I will be back a.s.a.p. to show more junk!

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