Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frog Blog Love Linky #13

Hello EVERYONE! How are you guys doing? I feel so far out of the loop right now! In ONE short week I will be attending my very FIRST craft show as a VENDOR! EEK! I hope I am ready!! I am so nevous and excited and scared and OVERWHELMED! If anyone would like to give me some advice...I WOULD GLADLY TAKE IT! I am not sure how many of you live in the KC area but I do know of at least ONE reader that is making the trek out to me meet! HOW FREAKING EXCITING IS THAT?? I cannot wait!
Okay, this is going to be quick and I will be keeping my finger crossed that I am able to get out to see everyone's link this week! I know I did not comment on every one's page like usual but it was all I coulld do to get out and look. I LOVED them all and have started sharing your links on my FB page. Did you know the FROG (and me too) are on FB? Well, I am and evidently my little button was not working correctly. BUT THANK GOODNESS I found some free blog bling from one of my blogging BESTIE's Caroline (or better known to me as McSweety) over at c.w.frosting. HOLY COW, she is awesome and in now offering FREE, YEP YOU HEARD ME FREE Blog Bling and other fantasticness for your blog in her DESIGN LAB. With that mouthfull...she was also the most clicked link last week and now my FROG FAVORITE FRIEND OF THE WEEK! So hop over and check my little McSweety and tell her the frog sent you...not that she wouldn't already know if you call her that! HA!

Alrighty folks you know how to rodeo right?!? Okay, well pray for my sanity for the next ouple of weeks, would ya!
Before next week's linky party I will pick one link up to feature as my FROG FAVORITE FRIEND of the week and FEATURE that blog at next week's linky party and post their button on the top of my side bar for the entire week!!
Now it is time to LINK UP!
And you know what ~ No rules again this week just link up what ever you want and let's have a good time (just make sure it is your stuff and family friendly)!
ENJOY and I will see you all MONDAY for another crafty frogulicious week!