Monday, September 26, 2011

Craft Room MEGA POST + Tutorial

I did not take pics and will not bore you all with how to sew this thing together! There are a plethora of bloggers that can and do, explain that process WAY better than me!! But I will explain how I applied the SUBWAY ART to make this little craft a little more special.
I bought 4 Fat Quarter 2 Red and 2 Black Damask w/ Red accents at my local BIG BOX.
Then I ironed them all smooth, like so...
Don't be hating on my ironing board cover. We have all seen it before and STILL NO ONE HAS OFFERED TO SEND ME A NEW ONE. Come crafty peeps, I know one of you wants to send me one, right?
Then I ironed it on to HEAT SEAL n Bond. You know, that crap you iron on so fabrics stick together.
 Then I peeled off the backing and ironed the two pieces together so that they would be reversible. Then I cut them into 4 equal pieces so that they were about the size of a piece of computer paper.
Then I made this ADORABLE Subway Art printable using some of my scrap booking software.
Then I printed it on to DARK iron-on TRANSFER Paper (USE THE DARK KIND OR THE PRINTABLE COTTON, I think the other stuff is crappy!! Learn from my mistakes!)
I used my handy dandy little paper trimmer to make sure all of my lines were straight. Then I ironed it on to my "computer paper size FAT QUARTER pieces we made earlier. Then, I sewed around the edges and cut them out. After everything was all cut out I sewed them together, added RED binding, and a little ruffle of sequin sparkle in aqua, and voila.

I alternated the fabric sides, SEE? 
On the RED ones I also added black sequin ribbon trim.
Can you tell? 
OOPS, that left side looks a little wonky in the picture!
Aww, much better!
So, what do you think? Do you LOVE it? Was it worth keeping TOP SECRET for over a month?
I am so proud of that little closet "valance." I LOVE Subway Art and think this will give me inspiration when I can not find it anywhere else!

And here is the picture I took of myself as I was plugging the camera back into the computer.
The second half of the Craft Room Reveal:
Above the door on the inside of the room. I painted this Silver with Rust-Oleum's Silver texture Spray that I used with my frame redo earlier this summer. I am now thinking about spraying the handle black and leaving the blade silver to make it look a little more realistic. What do you think?
My sweet little hooks, picked up at my Hobby Lobby Store at 50% off. I sprayed the big crown Colonial Red from Rust-Oleum and then glittered it up.
Hanging right above my "new" dresser. 
Sewing station...with my NEW PRIDE & JOY... 
Can you hear the angels singing? This is my new sewing/embroidery/surging machine that I bought BRAND NEW at 75% off! DUDE that is so HOT
Well, there it is the second half! Was it worth the wait?
Do you want to see everything all together now?
OKAY, twist my ARM! (Want to see the original posts with before pictures of the room? Click here and here.)

Close -up of my shelves. 
I got this idea from another blogger but cannot remember who. So if you know shoot me an email so that I can link back to them. The big goblet with my initial on it was a gift last year from a friend.
Cute huh?
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 One last look!

I dunno about you but I am thinking I did alright and on a budget. Pretty awesome.
So who wants to come and craft with me?