Monday, September 26, 2011

Surprise Photo Shoot

So, I was uploading all the pics from camera Sunday so that I could work on some of my blog posts for this week. There are pics of my now messy craft room for you all to see, pics of the baby shower Saturday, and just randomness that has been colleting in the camera while I was off finishing the craft room, preparing for the craft show, baby shower, and auction donations. ANYWHO, when I pulled them up to look at them all I found these pics...that I DID NOT TAKE and thought I would just share them with you because they are so cute!
 Our Potatoes!
One of my princesses new FANCY straws! 
Ariel, she made herself with mermaid diecuts. 
The Princess (her nose looks HUGE) 
They already told us she will need braces...poor baby! I actually think they all will. Our oldest has them already for about a year now. He just had the bottoms put on.  
WE WANT YOU! So, we can pick your nose. LOL! 
Oh, wait...that is disgusting!
I wonder what she ate that made her mouth so red! 
 Hee, hee!
Isn't she adorable? I am pretty sure she took these pics all by her self. Awww, I love my babies!
Okay all, going to finish up my post for today, along with a new tutorial, and then clean the house some more. UGH, I hate cleaning. Is any one interested in me blogging about my "MAGIC" tricks for cleaning? Leave a comment and let me know.