Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Usually, my husband finds Christmas shopping for me to be a pain in the rear-endess! However, this year I had NO PROBLEM at all putting together a list of things that I would like to have. Now, I am sure that there are those of you that are rolling your eyes because getting gifts really is not the reason for the season. BUT, these are so cool that I could not keep my list to myself and wanted to share all of the fabulous things that I have found that I want need. So, here is my list...in no particular order.

Silhouette Cameo - Do I really need to explain further? I have a slice but it does not work and never has nor do I think it is the same type machine. I keep seeing all these cool projects out here in blogland and want to make some of those cool things too. OMGoodness, it sounds a little "keeping up with the Jones" doesn't it.  But it is not, I do a lot of the BLING embellishments and would love to start working with the vinyl. So more like needing wanting to add more projects to my crafting repertoire(hmmm, is that proper use of that word? Let's just say it is).

Ott Lite - How can you beat good lighting especially when it comes with a magnifier?
UGG Over the Knee Sparkles Boot - seriously these are adorable! I am not sure how good they would with my never ending wardrode of jammies or how comfortable they would be since they go over the knee (I keep picturing Julia Roberts in the elevator with her Sharpie in the movie Pretty Woman) BUT they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!
 Betsy Johnson White "FROG" watch - ummmm, it has a frog on it. Nuff, said mmmmkay!

SnazzieDrawers Master Collection-
Snazzie Drawers Master Collection - 24 BEAUTIFUL patterns all delivered to my inbox magically (after payment). NOW WHO IN THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT THAT? Seriously, have you seen this website? HOLY AMAZING!!
christmas scrap fabric banner
I would like to get Miss Linda's Craft Kits EVERY month for the rest of my life! They are so CUTE!! Wonder if there is an option to have them automatically shipped?!? You know like the fruit of the month but for Craftaholics. Okay, and I admit that I am totally obsessed with the Craftaholics blog. She is adorable, super cute, amazingly creative, and WONDERFULLY pleasant! 
Simplicity Bias Tape Maker 
Simplicity Bias Tape Maker - I have no idea why I need this but I will say this...I find myself wanting to add bias tape to, just about everything but never have any and then I just finish my project anyway. I think this would get me past that little laziness. Sounds good, right?
Simplicity Deluxe Felting Machine
Simplicity Deluxe Felting Machine - Again, I have no idea why I need this either but it looks sooooo cool and I have been dying to try felting but am too scared. If this little thingy will do it for me then I am all for it!
 Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder
Boye Yarn Ball Winder - You know because winding my yarn into a ball takes time and that is a precious commodity around here. If this will save me even a fraction of a minute, then that is more time spent with my kids or crafting or blogging or cleaning; well you get the picture.
Fringe Scissors and Fringe In a Flash - Maybe fringe is making a comeback. Maybe I will start the movement. HEE HEE but these things are so CLEVER!

Unmentionables - it says unmentionables for a reason so let's not talk about it.
Oh I Do Love Pink Ring! = New DeCoRé Clay, Rings and Swarovski Elements Crystal Fancy Stones!
All the supplies to get started with Decore Clay - how amazingly fun does this look? You all know that I dabble in the art of  (okay I am not an artist when it comes to jewelry) jewelry making. I would love to get my hands on this and see what I can do!!!!!
Art Clay Silver Starter Kit,
Art Clay Silver Starter Kit - I have been wanting to try PMC for a while now but have no clue where to start and the price, honestly, terrifies me! BUT this is not such a bad deal so I added it to my list too.
"Simply Swank" Complete Craft Jewelry Soldering Kit - Tools & Materials
Simply Swank Complete Craft Jewelry Soldering Kit - well, I saw a show where they used one of these and now I want to try it. I want to try everything. I know, I am crazy. Jack of all...master of none.

Antique Watch Necklace
Remember this little number from Shabby Apple? I am still dreaming about having it!! LOVE!! LOVE Shabby Apple!!
3639168 Front Large
Nikon - 1 in Pink - I am sure that I have told you the camera broke (or was broken by a little Bear). What I have not told you, is that in the 6 months (almost 6 months, can you believe that? I know right!) that I have been blogging 3 have been broken. You would think that I would learn to put my own toys away and out of reach but Bears can climb trees (and counters, and over gates, on to chairs, and have a very long reach), ya know. Plus, I love the pink!
3844079 Front Large
32" TV/DVD Combo for my craft room. I spend an enormous amount of time in my office. I also have a pretty large library of crafty how-to videos that I have not been able to watch, since the main T.V. always seems to be in use with Team Umi Zoomi or Dora the Explorer. I had thought a 22" would be perfect and they are priced well but when I actually saw one...well, they are small. My computer is 17" so 22 would/is not much difference. Right?
These CDs for my ear pleasure:
Glee: The Music 7 + Own The Night + 21 

Glee 7 (so I have a complete up to date collection)+ Lady Antebellum + Adele

Gift Cards to here:
 +Hobby Lobby Logo+  + Etsy phot... +
A local store called
SPECIAL EVENTS which you can read about here! They are awesome people and have the best little store ever! Plus they are LOCAL which is HUGE for me!! I tell you what, it is very difficult finding good local shops and this one is top on my list.
 OKAY, I think that is my complete list for the 2011 year. HOLY COW, I am feeling a little whole lot greedy but my goodness there are some SUPER COOL toys I think I would have a great time playing with. NOW, what is on your list this year? Have you been a good girl or boy?
I am gonna turn this post into a linky party so that if you have a list and want to add you can. Maybe I missed something and need to add it!!!
SO go blog about your list and link 'em up! Share in my greed this Christmas season!
(Hopefully you all know that I do understand the true meaning of Christmas, but this post was so much fun to write and I was in no way compensated for writing it. Now, if any one wants to send me one or all of these things I, of course, would not be rude and refuse. : )
UPDATE: For those of you that have been wondering I am feeling better thank goodness! For a little over 2 weeks I was a little more than death warmed over. I got to see the specialist finally today which did not reveal as much as I would have liked however it did ease some of my worry!! I have to go in for some more testing next week on Monday will not be able to be on the computer but have no fear I have a very funny and ironically fitting Guest Post lined up to share with you!! I will keep you all updated and if anyone still wants to Guest Post ANYTHING with FROG just shoot me an email and I will add you to the line up! Thank you so much to ladies that have already helped! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

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  1. ok, LOVE this list! i was like, yes, yes, and yes!! how fun! and thanks for the awesome shout out!! you are way to nice! :) we'll have to brain storm ideas on how to do multiple month subscriptions for the Craft Kits. people have been asking for it, but i just don't know how to do it! lol
    happy holidays!

  2. Your list is awesome. I never have trouble making a list...I basically want everything! I really want those sparkle boots!

  3. My Christmas wish is for a vacation and for a 2 year old to sleep all night in his own bed.
    So glad you got some reassuring news. I might be able to do a guest post. I want to help out.
    Hugs, Mindie

  4. Awesome list for Christmas,super like.Can be used also for friendship gifts.To get more visit here,
    friendship gift

  5. I bought the Fringe In A Flash!!! I love it!!!

  6. Jenni, your list is awesome! I'd definitely like those boots, the Silhouette Cameo and the Bias Tape maker too!

    Thanks so much for linking up to "A Little Birdie Told Me...", my friend! Just a reminder that leaving a comment on the post this week gives you an automatic entry into my Wednesday night drawing for the $25 GC to the Hodgson Mill online store.

    Warmest wishes and happy holidays,

  7. You have some awesome ideas. There are a couple there that I've been slowly thinking about, but I'm not sure I'm ready to do them justice. Lol, for this year, I'll start with a glue gun.;)


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