Monday, November 7, 2011

Update 11/7/11

So this weekend was CRAZY! But in a good way! The bathroom went from this...

To this...
It is still a work in progress but it is finally getting some attention now. What are you thinking? Loving the color?? Plus guess what. Since we chose such a dark wall color it is kind of cave like in there and that needs to be fixed. SO, this presents the PERFECT opportunity for me to us
Hopefully, it will all be done next week. Then we cleaned up the front yard and put away all the Halloween decor because here at my house it is time to think about
I have some fab ideas for crafty decorations! Cannot wait to see if they all work out and share them with you.
Also, my sweet little munchkin face decided he was going to be a pole vaulter and jump out of his crib. UGH!! I had just started planning for this event on Friday. Guess I am a little late. DANG! So now, I am in emergency mode trying to get a room and furniture ready for him. He will eventually share a room with the Bear but we have to replace the floor, repaint, buy a bed and matching bedding, window treatments, and BABY PROOF the heck out of it. OMGOODNESS, seriously a ton of work and it all needs to be done ASAP. I have not even showed you all the room yet. Maybe I should before it completely changes again. UGH, wish me luck!!
Here he is. He is such a little stinker.

And do not forget I have another tutorial for you all tomorrow and just in time for Thanksgiving!
HUGS to all~