Monday, November 7, 2011

Turkey Hair Bow Tutorial

On Thursday, I will guest posting over at Lady Bird Lane with the wonderful Miss Carlee. She is doing an entire series dedicated to turkeys and guess what?! I, of course, went all out with my turkeyness. Here is a sneak peek of the of one of the projects I did to go totally turkey.
A turkey hair bow.
There are a ton of other things the kids and I did for our turkey post but this little Tom is my favorite and I am gonna tell show you how to make it. And PLEASE let me apologize now for my picture quality but our camera broke when we were on vacation. (Yes, you read that right. I went on vacation over Halloween weekend! We had a blast!! Did not get many pics since the camera broke the first night we were there but we had a great time! I will post pics some time soon!!)
I, most literally, had scraps of ribbon for this project. I hope you do to because then this little guy gets even cuter because he will cost you NOTHING! I wish I had been able to add some purple but could not find any "scrap" purple ribbon.  
This is a ruffled edge ribbon, I just did a simple running stitch down the center. I think it was about a half yard long maybe a little more.

Then "ruffle" it.

After you tie off or secure the thread on both ends grad a scrap piece of felt (or a left over felt leaf from the wreath you made earlier this year.) Glue one end to the center.

Just "wrap" the ribbon like  you would if you were making a rosette and glue as you go.

Now cut a little piece (about half an inch) and glue like a half figure 8.

Then fold in half to make a beak. See all that hot glue. I read this tip in an email from fav crafts the other day...use your hair dryer to get rid of hot glue webs. IT TOTALLY WORKS!

Then cut a teeny tiny square of red ribbon about the size of your pinkie finger tip. Make sure to heat seal the ends of this one. 
Glue the beak to whatever you determine to be the head and then glue the red square to the side.
I tried to get some pic of this but they are horrible. I apologize!  
I glued on a couple of googly eyes that I also had on hand.

He is starting to take shape.

Cut one 4 inch strip of orange.

Fold it in half like a hot dog not a hamburger.

And cut the ends into a "V" shape.

Now fold it in half like a hamburger and dab a little glue to hold it into place.

Then glue it to the bottom of the turkey body so that he has some little feet.

Cut the rest of your ribbon into 6" strips (no need to be precise, I wasn't).

Make half figure 8 with all of your strips...

Layer them like you would like and then glue them on to your felt base.
Totally Free little Tom.
Now attach to a clip or headband and you too can be a wild turkey with me!

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