Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Time With the Frog

This turkey time was originally posted on Lady Bird Lane on 11/10/11 for my girl Miss Carlee. I cannot tell you how honored I am/was that she let me hop over to her house to play for the day, AH_MA_ZING! SO enjoy my WILD TURKEYNESS

 I can not tell you how excited I am to be here and be guest posting about TURKEYS!!! We have gone totally wild over turkeys here at the FROG pond. That is what I like to call my little baby blog, Kissed By A Frog. We always have tons of stuff going on over there. I host a weekly linky PARTY every THURSDAY. There is also a huge hodge podge of projects that I have created and tutorials so you can make your own. So hop over any time and check out all of the FROGuliciousness!!
First, we went to visit a pumpkin patch for Jack-O-Lanterns. They did not have any pumpkins but they did have these little gobblers...
All caged up and fanned out. I stuck my phone through the fence for a better shot. 

I realize this is not a turkey but it is beautiful... 
Okay, so this is not a Turkey either but it is a HUGE Chicken. It counts, right? 
This is the blurry action shot from underneath the BIG Chicken. I think this was some sort of fried chicken buffet but we did not eat here. They wait was too long for the kids.
After all the BIRD craze...we hit the craft store to see what we could find.

We did a little Velvet Elvis Turkey Coloring.
Can you guess which kid colored which TURKEY?? 

And I made a little TURKEY napkin ring. I, of course, do not have fancy napkins that necessitate a napkin ring. But it does look lovely wrapped around a piece of felt.
Here is a better picture. Have I mentioned that our camera broke? I have to use my phone for the pics and they are terrible! I seriously apologize! I have added a new camera on to my Christmas list. However, it may get lost in all of the other things I asked for.  
We also saw a TURKEY headband and made one for ourselves. I think I did pretty good!!
And then about a month ago, I donated a few items to an auction to help raise money for family to adopt.
I call it
Little BLINGY Tom 

There are over 200 yards of tulle in this tutu. It really turned about better than I could have imagined.
We also have a few more little turkey projects in the works for THANKSGIVING
This big foam ball will eventually be my Thanksgiving centerpiece.
I bet you are thinking it is gorgeous, right?
I know but, if  you use your imagination then it will all come turkether. (OMGoodness, I am cracking myself up over here!)
We are going to make some of these little turkeys for place holders (6 for $1 @ JoAnn)

Then I am moving on to a Christmas project!! Are you excited?? I know I am!!!
Before I go I just wanted to show you this little hair clip I made....
I have a full tutorial that landed in the pond Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011.
Hop over and visit me and check out all of my tutorials or just say HI. I would love to have you!
THANK YOU SO MUCH Miss Carlee, you are totally awesome for letting my hope over to the Lane and play today!
HUGS to all!!


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