Friday, February 10, 2012

Frogulicious Friday & Features

I thought now would be a good time to fill you in on my progress with the FROGulidious changes for the Month.
I have been reading Rhonda Britten's book Change Your Life In 30 Days; A Journey to Finding Your True Self (click the title for more info from Amazon). First, I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea. I am not displeased with my current life in any way. I just want to figure out how to be a better person for my own sanity and thought this might be a good place to start. While, I am not sure I am using the book correctly I do think it is making me re-examine my priorities. Which is why you keep seeing changes on the blog daily. There have been a few days when the lessons really did not apply to me.
Like the days of examining regrets...I have never been one to dwell on my decisions. Regardless, of how wrong they may or may not have been at the time they always lead to some thing that I would not change for anything. So, how could I regret that decision. I dunno maybe I am thinking about it all wrong.
There are also a couple of challenges about lying. Which is not something I am acustomed to. I do not sugar coat things! I am one of those people that likes to get it all out there and be as honest as I can be about any situation. You can take it or leave it. It is entirely up to you but my mouth just goes. I have been told I have no filter for some things. Is that really a bad thing?
With that said, there are some awesome challenges so far. Like, having to keep a daily acknowledgement journal. It is awesome to be able to look back at the end of the day and be proud of what I have accomplished. Plus, it really keeps you motivated to get your stuff done through out the days so that you have something to write down. Then, there was a day that you had to examine how to find freedom (are you ready for this?) through self-discipline! A total eye opener!! Like I said, not sure I am using the book correctly to completely change my life but I also wasn't looking to do that. I just want to be a better version of ME!
Something, else that I have incorperated into my routine is working out. I have not been able to get around to exercising everyday but not because I do not want to because of these germs that keep attacking me like the black plague! Maybe I should be taking vitamins too. I started using Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home 5 Really Big Miles and joined her FB page.  HOLY COW that is a work out ladies!! Plus, it is all done in the comfort of your own home (so no worrying how dorky I look or how to get to the gym with 4 kids) and it will kick your booty into -licious! Seriously, I could not sit down for like 2 days! It gives me more energy and I am feeling fantastic ~ aside from my pink eye, runny nose and cough!
One of the other projects I wanted to do this month is to start the kids on the 365 Confidence. Unfortunetly, I have only started them on one things. Whew, between chores, eating, homework, and basketball I am having a hard time finding time to get them to do the activities. Maybe if I just do 1 a least I would have enough activities to implement for the next 7 years. HEE HEE!! I will get better!! I WILL GET BETTER! I WILL GET BETTER!!
Lastly, I am supposed to be writing a business plan this month. I bought a book called Successful Business Planning in 30 Days. And I have got to tell you, I tried! I really did! But I got lost in in all of the lingo and questions and then I was just plain bored...after about 10 minutes. I put it back on the shelf until I could figure out how to focus on it. Then I went back to and looked for other books. I bought the Craft Business Handbook. Which is a little slow but not too bad. I actually had an Ah-HA moment while reading the part about BRAND and OMGosh did it send me into a tizzy about the FROG Business. More on that later. As for the business plan...maybe I need to go back to business school? (Have I mentioned I went to JC for Business before becoming a teacher? That seems like ages ago and maybe I need a refresher!) Maybe I should accept the fact that the BUSINESS side of business is just boring and even though I would much rather be doing something crafty I should just do it. OR maybe I ought to get the The Right Brain Business Plan, it has 5 stars and great reviews. It couldn't hurt...could it?
So, I am not so sure you all came here to read the ramblings of a CRAZY FROG!  I bet you all are more interested in my favs from the party yesterday! Well here they are! Have a great weekend! HUGS~
Holy Frog Legs~ Check out Art is Beauty's GrandMOTHER clock! I will take it! This is so beautiful!! Actually, beautiful does not even begin to describe it! There are no words...I LOVE IT!
Need another renovation? How about a giveaway to go with it? Look at Bacon Time's gorgeous counter tops! Rust-Oleum has a similar product but not sure it compares...this is going to make me have to do more research! WOWZA!!
And we all know that I am a SUPER sucker for any project envolving little fingers and toes. The FROG Favorite Friend of the Week, Jenny from The NY Melrose Family linked up her little helpers Fishing Birthday Print
AND then there is this little bit a of beautiful. I would love to get this from my Valentine or give it as one. Which is why I chose it today. I am working on a similar project for the Princess. This is absolutely to die for and the use of music sheets and maps...UH, I am left speechless again.
I am blown away by all of the projects this week! You all are some amazingly talented people. Thank you so much for keeping the little Frog Party alive!!
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Seriously, my daughter now thinks I'm certifiably insane. Thank you so much. If you need a good laugh stop by and check out Riley's potty time song. Thanks again!


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