Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Monday ~ R.L.M.M. 3

I really could use an extra day added to the weekend; LIKE EVERY WEEK. I never feel like we have enough family time or time to get all of our chores done. But it is the same story every week and Monday comes with out fail every time. I vote that Monday goes on a permanent vaca! Anyone else?
My mommy moment of the week does not come with pictures. Although, as many times as it happened there should be...
This week, I would like to hire a hit man for Dora and her knowledge of VOLCANOES. While I think it is nice that she teaches my son about weird little things I am not sure that she really needed to teach about VOLCANOES and how they EXPLODE!!
Sock drawer all over his room (that would be socks for 2 little dudes). What happened, Bear? It's a BALLCANO!
Game pieces and cards thrown all over the dining room...It's a BALLCANO!
Popcorn mysteriously jumps out of the bowl...IT'S A BALLCANO!
OMGAWD, Dora! ENOUGH!!! NO MORE BALLCANO or VOLCANO. Can't you get a vacuum in your freaking backpack? Lord help me! I cannot even begin to tell you how many BALLCANOES we had to clean up. And let me tell you, he was not pleased about cleaning up all the BALLCANOES because that is just "TOO MESS! TOO DISGUSTING!" Maybe next time a BALLCANO blows up in my house some one should send in the read cross.
This week's featured MAMA and her real life Mommy Moment of Kitchen Fail is Miss Adrianne from HAPPY HOUR PROJECTS
Although, I am not sure fudge at any level could ever be considered a fail. Miss Adrianne is totally awesome. You must go visit!
I am so glad to know that life is not always perfect everywhere but in my house! Thank you so much to everyone that linked up a Real Life Mommy Moment. I am going to go ahead and just clone the link for a while (I do not want anyone to miss any of these stories.)

Do you have to be a MOMMY to share your REAL LIFE MOMENTS? HECK NO! Share AWAY!!

Do they have to be new posts?? NOPE NOT AT ALL! Just share.

Are there more rules you need to follow? Um, nope again.

But if you want too share with all of your friends and help support even more real life moments, you could always grab a button...


If you don’t have a blog and want to share; send it to me in an email and I will add for you! I am seriously hoping that this will help us all support each other in way that is REAL in virtual world.

So what do you think? Who is up for the challenge? Who is ready to share the down and dirty but oh so fun part of being…well human? Are you in?



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  1. Must be the age! Lil Duck is totally into Ballcanos right now too (says it that was as well). She saw it on Dora then again when I took her to see Chipwrecked. Mistake on my part...that Ballcano scared her a little bit and she's just a bit too smart for her own age. At 3 we had to get a world map out and I had to point out where WE live versus where all the BALLcanos in the world are. Then we had to go through the whole "what is lava", "what is magma", "where is the center of the earth", "WHY is it so hot?", never ended until I finally got smart and interrupted "SO, do you want to go to Maggie Moos for ice cream?"....that did it!


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