Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank goodness!

Thank goodness, the 1st Grade Valentine's day is not until Friday! I am almost finished with the Valentines from Princess to all her classmate! Then on to getting everything ready for the actual party. Luckily, there is a great group moms that helping! It will be so exciting to see all our plans come to life and hopefully the kiddos have fun too. When all that is finished up I have to "embellish" the party outfit for Princess. I had GRAND plans to make her the cutest outfit ever but I could not find a short sleeve red shirt, a white fluffy skirt, red leggings, etc. HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD MY VISION BECOME REALITY W/O those staple items? Geesh, so it was back to the drawing the middle of the store...with out any drawing. I quickly regrouped with the help of my bestie and now everything will be HOT PINK and BLACK. Seriously, those were the only colors they had. Did I miss the memo where RED is no longer in fashion? Especially, here in CRIMSON and BLUE territory? GAWD!
ANYWHOOOOO! Yesterday was actually the BIG DAY of love and even though they did not celebrate I sent Princess to school in style...

Headband parts purchased from HOBBY LOBBY!

She has the most beautiful eyes, doesn't she. Wish mine were that color. 

And then the school sent her home with a FEVER (so she is home with me today, we are going to make some new hair clips)! She looked darn cute though!!
On a side note we measured the kids this weekend...this little 1st grader...56 inches tall. That is 4 inches away from 5 FEET tall! She is going to be taller than me before 4th grade! Some body grab a brick for that girl's head...QUICK!
It is becoming a chore to keep her in clothes! (Especially finding ones that don't look all icky!)
 And those bling patterns came from Silhouette, if anyone is curious.
Alright everybuggy, have a fabulous WEDNESDAY!! I will be back later with a PARTY!

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