Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Week in Bling & Embroidery

My Bling projects for the week...
Luggage tags...

 Hair Candy with Bling Centers...(gonna try to list some of these in the etsy shop today)
The BUM... 
The front (baby gift for a friend) 
Barbie Girl (I already ruined this one! Some of the stones fell off after
washing and I tried to fix it. Word to the wise, NOT A GOOD IDEA!
ALL of the stones fell off after that. OOPS!!) 

I tried to design my own Angry Bird Bling but as you can see it
is a little wonky! I will keep trying.
(Geesh these pics are GAWD Awful! Sorry!! These are all from the camera on my phone...I will upload all the pics from my actual camera and see if there are any better ones.)
AND in case you do no follow the FROG on Facebook...I did get the embroidery machine out to see what the deal was and had some GREAT success.
My first attempt...I just used the same piece over and over trying to figure it out. Waste not, WANT NOT! 
Uh, still not quite right. 
Oh, now we are talking!! 
Action shot! 
This is what happened to my first needle... the second one BROKE in half.
It was not until then that I realized that the thread was not moving correctly.
I am a genius, I know! 
I tried it on some some puckering. Not sure why though, will have to look that up.

Then I tried my own design on shirt. See the ring around the
collar tiger from the hoop? Makes me giggle! 
The close-up!
So, a few more trials and a whole lotta errors and then the frog will be able to provide custom
embroidery! Hot diggity, dog!!!
What did you do this week? Are you going to back and link up your projects later?