Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just the Kitchen Sink

I have one of those CORAIN sinks. When we remodeled our kitchen every one told us not to get one but I just would not listen. I could not imagine that a surface would really be that hard to clean. Seriously, I'm the lady that wrote a 20 page paper on how to clean your carpet in college. Surly, I can clean a silly sink...right?
At first, I thought we would just use Mr. Clean's magic erasers but that only gets you so far. And evidently you cannot use the old cleaning methods of BLEACH since it is too abrasive. Any way, my sink ended up looking like this...

Can you hear Earnest "Ew-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w!"? Gross. Right? I read online that you could use Bar Keeper's Friend to clean your sink up to twice a week. That is a WHOLE-LOTTA scrubbing going on and not really anything I want to have time for!! But I tried it and it worked okay. It did make my sinks yellowish though and it they had to be elbow greased daily. There are so many other things I would rather be doing than cleaning.  So, one day when I had run out of Bar Keeper's Friend I got an idea...OXY CLEAN. I have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to use it but I figured it surely wouldn't hurt anything. I was working on the theory that if it is safe for my clothes it should be safe for the Corian (as far as I can tell there is no damage to the surface, it is still smooth and white). So, here is how I cleaned my sink now... 
Scrub Daily and BRIEFLY with a little blue scrubby.  (It really did nothing for this DIRTY sink but I wanted you to see how well the OXY Clean works!)
I am only cleaning half in this picture, but sprinkle your OXY Clean on a damp sink 
Scrub in a circular motion to create a PASTE add water as need but do not rinse yet!  
Look at how clean that is! If your sink is as nasty as mine go ahead and repeat (believe me you will be glad you did!).

Everything came really clean! And after I repeated the process you could not see any of the stain anymore. Is it the PERFECT method...well no but it works wonder and if you already have OXY Clean for your laundry, well, that is one less thing to buy!
AND here is why I am sharing this with you...I took the pictures for this "tutorial" two week ago (say that 5 times fast). Here is my kitchen sink 2 weeks and 3 days later. I have NOT used any chemicals (well, my liquid dish soap sometimes) to clean this surface!
Before VS After (plus 2 weeks & 3 days)

It must repel stains or something. Again, it is not perfect but it works for me. After looking all over the web for ideas I think this is a pretty good method. Would love to know if it works for you too!!


  1. Looks Great! I will stick to stainless steel :)

  2. when we got ours installed, the first thing the guy did was scribble in my brand new sink with a pencil. ack! i had a heart attack. then he showed me how a scotch brite pad takes it right off with a little rubbing. that's what we use on our sinks :)

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  4. You did a great job of removing the stain away! The only way to make maintain it is to repeat the cleaning process with a bit of effort, nothing more, and nothing less. =) I guess that the only thing left is to make the faucet and handles look as well polished as the sink, and you’ll have a complete sink makeover. Cheers!

  5. Washing the dishes will be more enjoyable now that the sink’s squeaky clean! Judging from these photos, the sink must be big and spacious, it must be hard for me to clean that in one hour. LOL! By the way, why not try checking the pipe area; it would be great if you have it clean yet fully functional to be sure that everything goes down the drain smoothly to prevent items from plugging up the pipes.

  6. Wow! It certainly looked good as new. From the how it looked before you started the cleaning, I think it had taken you thousands of scrubbing and you must have been pretty tired. You surely deserve a day’s rest, for I believe you still have to polish the sink. Corians require regular polishing to withstand more abuse. However, even if this needs more attention than the other types, the elegance it would bring is incomparable.

    Bibi Karpel


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